15 Cool (Cheap!) Father’s Day Gifts

by Kate Kurka

15 Cool (Cheap!) Father’s Day Gifts
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Find the perfect gift for the dad in your life at a budget-friendly price. If your father is into the tech scene or the king of dad jokes, there’s a gift for him—all for under $30.


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Kikkerland Virtual Reality Goggles

A New App and 3-D Glasses


If your dad is always looking out for the newest tech trend then he is probably obsessed with 3-D and virtual reality applications that are now available on most smartphones. What he may not know is that VR headsets don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Instead, treat him to these Kikkerland Virtual Reality Glasses that will bring all of his favorite apps to life without breaking the bank.
Kikkerland Virtual Reality Glasses

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Sriracha 2Go Gift Set

Sriracha 2 Go 


For the dad who adds hot sauce to everything, this gift is sure to give him a laugh when he attaches a to-go bottle to his keys. This Sriracha bundle includes a Sriracha 2 Go, a mini keychain, and a 9-ounce bottle of Sriracha so Dad will never be without his favorite condiment.

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Scrabble Game


If you know a dad who is a master wordsmith, he’ll love being able to show off during a game of Scrabble. This Scrabble board even features a tile-lock design so words stay put and features pads on the bottom of the board, making it super easy to move.

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Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club


Treat Dad to a trip around the world without ever having to leave the kitchen. With coffee beans that have been specially roasted in a different country each month, treating Dad to this coffee club will be like giving him a passport in his morning coffee. Pro tip: This is an especially thoughtful Father’s Day gift for new dads—they could use the caffeine!

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Dollar Shave Club Starter Kit

Dollar Shave Club


If your father figure is the forgetful type, why not try shaving something off of his to-do list? With Dollar Shave Club razor cartridges, shaving cream, and even other personal care products can be shipped right to his door. That means he’ll never forget to pick up any grooming essentials again. With starter kits staring at just a few dollars, and add-ons to customize kits for any dude, this is a gift you know Dad will appreciate.

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Dad is Fat Jim Gaffigan

Dad Is Fat by Jim Gaffigan


Jim Gaffigan shares his hilarious views on parenting in his New York Times bestselling book. With five kids of his own, Jim Gaffigan understands the joys, and horrors, of parenting. This clean-mouthed comedian will bring a funny spin to parenting that all dads can definitely relate to.

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Wireless Bamboo Mouse

Bamboo Wireless Mouse


This bamboo mouse will give Dad’s office a natural touch without the responsibility of a plant. Compatible with a variety of operating systems and computers, this wireless mouse will work for him, no matter if he’s a PC guy or a Mac fan.

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The Mishcief Maker's Manual by Sir John Hargrave

The Mischief Maker's Manual by Sir John Hargrave


The Mischief Maker's Manual, a hilariously illustrated book, was written for kids but is great for anyone who still laughs at fart jokes and loves pulling pranks. You might want to read it first, so you know to watch out for the "Diet Coke Explosion" trick, and the "World's Largest Butt Photo." But even if you get duped by the "Invisible Toilet Force Field" prank, try to laugh and roll with the punches—it just means your husband is having a blast.

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Outdoor Popcorn Popper

Outdoor Popcorn Popper


The outdoorsy and indoorsy dads alike are going to love this popcorn popper. Gather the family around a campfire, or a gas grill, and in just a few minutes enjoy freshly popped popcorn. This Father’s Day gift will be a treat for all on family movie night

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#1 Dad Tie Clip

Tie Clip


If you know the best dad, this tie clip is for him. Hand stamped with “#1 Dad” it’s the perfect reminder for how much he’s loved. Tip: For any first-time dads out there, you’ll want to get him stocked with “world’s best dad” gifts pronto.

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Birchbox Man

BirchBox for Men


Who says Dad can’t treat himself? Birchbox will send him five curated grooming products to try out every month. You’ll know he’ll love the products he receives with the Grooming Profile Birchbox subscribers fill out beforehand, so if he’s just trying to switch up a few products or re-create his morning routine, Birchbox has him covered.

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The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes by Ian Allen

The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes by Ian Allen


Every dad thinks he’s hilarious—but if your dad actually is (or if you know a dad who could use a few pointers) he’ll love this collection of jokes. Dads from all over the world came together to create this book filled with horribly funny and just plain horrible jokes. Take caution when giving this to Dad; his dad-joke game will be even stronger after reading this book.

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Whistle and Flute Shirt

Pizza Shirt


This super-cute shirt allows dad to share with the world his love for pizza. It even comes in child sizes and is a unisex design so the whole family can wear their favorite food on their sleeve, or shirt. Just think of the adorable family photos!

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Paragon Sports Gift Card

Paragon Sports Gift Card


Got a sporto dad? Let the experts at Paragon Sports spoil him with a personal shopping experience tailored to what equipment he's currently coveting and needs, from camping gear to golf clubs to running sneakers. Pair this experience with a gift card for the ultimate gift Dad is sure to love.

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It's hard to find kid-free quiet time these days, but Dad likes his own storytime too. With, he can download his favorite book and listen to it on the go—in the car, during a run, or even doing chores around the house. Audiobooks are compatible with iPods iPhones, and for some, even GPS devices. Take advantage of the 30-day free trial, and if Dad loves it, it’s only $14.95 a month.