The 6 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

by admin

The 6 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Dad

This Father's Day surprise him with one of these awesome, Dad-centric presents

Time Travels
The Clocky alarm clock rolls off his bedside table when the buzzer sounds… and keeps rolling until he catches it.

Chrome Clocky from, $46

Free Energy
After four hours of sun, the Solio solar-powered charger is ready to rev up his cell phone, iPod, camera, game player, or GPS. Power it up the old-fashioned way on rainy days.

Solio Charger from, $99.95

For Goodness' Steak
A wireless belt-clip monitor, the Grill Alert announces when just about any meat is perfectly cooked.

Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer from, $69.95


Grill Seeker
Does your husband live for summer barbecues but grouse about the cleanup? The rotating brass bristles on the Motorized Grill Cleaning Brush make short work of stuck-on gunk. ($16;

Oh, Snap!
Gorillapod bests a tripod: It bends to securely attach a compact camera pretty much anywhere.

Gorillapod from, from $14.99

Foot Notes

They say you can tell a lot about a man from his feet. May as well show them off! He’ll wear cushiony, light Trekker sandals all season. ($19.99;