Fluffy Blue Cloud Costume

by Ellen Goldberg

Fluffy Blue Cloud Costume

This easy, no-sew Halloween costume starts with an oversized sweat shirt (and is super cute to wear)

For this costume, you'll need:

  • Oversize pale-blue sweatshirt
  • Fabric glue
  • 1/2 yd white felt
  • 1 yd batting
  • 8" piece string
  • Small toy plane or helicopter (make sure it's age-appropriate)
  • Large needle

1. Cut sleeves off shirt 3" from neck; glue under raw edges.

2. From felt, cut out two cloud shapes large enough to cover shirt. Glue each to top of batting, then trim to size. Glue clouds to front and back of shirt, felt side down.

3. Make hat: Cut one sleeve 6" down from top. Glue under raw edges of top. Create two smaller clouds and attach to front and back of hat; glue clouds to close. If necessary, trim bottom of hat to fit.

4. Attach toy to string, and knot securely. With needle, poke through cloud and knot inside sweatshirt. Glue to secure.