Baby Frog Costume

by Mika Tajima

Baby Frog Costume

A costume so cute (and easy) you'll shriek with delight


1. With scissors, cut two 3"-long ovals from green dish sponges. Cut two 2"-long ovals from a scrap of white felt, and glue to sponge eyes with a hot-glue gun. Glue 2 dark buttons to felt ovals. Cut lashes from a scrap of brown felt and glue onto eyes. Glue eyes to top of a green sun hat.

2. Cut tongue from a scrap of red felt and glue under front brim of hat.

3. From two 12" squares of yellow felt, cut two dozen dots (.5" to 1.5") and one 7"-long oval. Glue dots to back of a green T-shirt or romper; glue oval to front for belly. This guy's sure to hop into everyone's heart.