Dads Will Love These 8 Tees That Show Off Their Sense of Humor

by Bethany Braun-Silva

Dads Will Love These 8 Tees That Show Off Their Sense of Humor
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Father’s Day is fast approaching, and if you’re not sure what to get the father in your life before June 21 arrives, go for a crowd-pleaser. We know dads appreciate a good joke or two, even if it’s at their own expense. So we found the funniest t-shirts on Zulily, which will make a perfect gift for dad this Father’s Day. 


Online retailer Zulily is known for selling excellent products at discounted prices. This year it devoted a whole “store” to sidesplitting and heartwarming t-shirts for dads at very reasonable prices. To shop the sale, you simply create a free account, and upon doing so, you will also have access to tons of other deals, including home decor, beauty, kids’ clothes and more. 


The t-shirts start at $14.99, and with sayings like, “Grill Sergeant,” “Daddy Shark” and “Nacho Average Dad,” there’s sure to be at least one shirt that will tickle dad’s funny bone. We even included a pick for grandpas because we know just how special they are, too!


Below, take a look at some of our favorite funny t-shirts for dad from Zulily.


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‘Pancake Maker’ Tee


We love this shirt for dads who kill it in the kitchen.

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'Dad Jokes Are How Eye Roll ' Tee


If he doesn’t tell a corny joke from time to time, is he even a dad?

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'Husband Daddy Protector Hero' Tee


Dads have many roles, but “protector” is our favorite one.

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'Daddy Shark' Tee


Toddlers who love the ever-popular “Baby Shark” song will get a kick out of seeing their dad wear this shirt.

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‘Dad Facts’ Tee


Patience, fun and humor are just some of the “ingredients” that go into making the perfect dad.

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‘Nacho Average Dad’ Tee


For that special dad who is way above average.

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‘Thermostat Police’


When dad feels perfectly comfortable, the rest of us are freezing. Does anyone else’s dad love to keep it (too) cool indoors?

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‘My Favorite People Call Me Grandad'


We can’t forget about grandpas on Father’s Day. This shirt is a sweet tribute to grandpas and their favorite people.