Spooky Gargoyle Face Painting Design

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Spooky Gargoyle Face Painting Design

Step-by-step gargoyle face painting instructions from Extreme Face Painting

Gargoyles are said to scare off evil spirits, but your kid will be the spooky one with this stone-faced paint job.

Step 1: Apply a smooth gray basecoat on the face and ears using a sponge.

Step 2: Shade in the eyes, horns and temples using a sponge and black.

Step 3: Continue developing shadows with a sponge and black, shading in the laugh lines, chin, cheeks, lips and ears.

Step 4: Using a sponge and white, stiplle on highlights and add texture, carefully placing color in areas devoid of shadow. Remember, because you want to indicate the texture of stone, it’s important that you not bland the white marks into the gray basecoat.

Step 5: Use a no. 3 round and black to outline the face, and define the brows, nostrils and cheeks. Paint the lips and add outlines of teeth using the same brush and color.

Step 6: Fill in the teeth with white using a no. 3 round. Also add white drip shapes down the surface of the face, suggesting aged and cracked stone, using the same brush.

What paint you should use:

Water based, hypoallergenic and nontoxic paints. (Or any brand of face paint.)

What brushes you should use:

Small synthetic rounds with stiff bristles and sharp points. (Like a no. 3 round) Remember that the bigger the brush size, the less control you’ll have.

Other materials you may need:

Cotton swabs, erasers, disposable brushes, sponges, loose polyester glitter, and hand sanitizer or baby wipes to remove the paint.

A note on stippling:
This is one of the most useful sponge techniques. Stippling is great for blending color, suggesting texture, indicating highlights and suggesting facial hair. To get the most realistic result, hold your half sponge upside down so the rounded part touches the skin. Using the edge of the sponge would result in lines—something you want to avoid when stippling.

From Extreme Face Painting: 50 Friendly & Fiendish Step-by-Step Demos by Brian & Nick Wolfe.

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