Goldfish Costume

by Ellen Goldberg; photo by Squire Fox

Goldfish Costume

Your child will make a splash in this no-sew costume

Just add paper-plate fins and ribbon trim to a bright sweatshirt for this little swimmer.


  • Adult-size yellow sweatshirt
  • 5 yards 1-inch-wide orange rickrack
  • 18 inches orange ribbon
  • 4 small paper plates
  • 1/2 yard orange felt
  • Orange poster board
  • 1 Ping-Pong ball, cut in half
  • 2 google eyes
  • Orange, yellow, or striped long johns

Body: Cut sleeves off sweatshirt. Fold in and glue raw edges. Glue rickrack to sweat-shirt at 2-inch intervals. Slit neckband in back center. Thread ribbon into neck- band to tie closed once costume is on.

Tail fin: Trim a crescent shape off one edge of each plate to make a flat side. Glue orange felt to tops of each plate. Glue 2 plates together, side by side, then repeat with remaining plates. Glue bottoms together to create a fin. Glue rickrack around round edges of plates. Glue fin to bottom back of sweatshirt.

1. Cut an 8-inch cross section from one sweatshirt sleeve. Fold bottom edge in and glue it down.

2. Cut two triangles out of orange poster board and glue together. Glue rickrack along two sides. Slip bare side into top opening of sweatshirt-hat and glue seam closed.

3. Glue Ping-Pong-ball halves onto circles of orange felt. Glue google eyes to center of Ping-Pong-ball halves. Glue Ping-Pong-ball eyes to hat.

4. Cut 2 teardrop shapes out of orange felt and glue narrow ends to the sides of the hat, behind eyes, to create fins.