Great Gifts for Tweens

by Elizabeth Crane

Great Gifts for Tweens

If your kid is getting harder to shop for as he gets older, consider these gifts (or suggest them to relatives when they call, uncertain about what to buy):

A twist on gift certificates 

He's probably already gotten toy-store gift certificates. This year, why not give him a more grown-up gift card, like one to a movie theater? Assure him that he can pick the movie, bring a friend, and not worry: You'll pay your own way. Other ideas: a certificate to a video arcade, an ice cream parlor, or a nail salon.

An afternoon together 

Whether it's a visit to a tea shop, tickets to a ball game, or a weekend afternoon bike outing for just the two of you, this kind of gift creates memories, not clutter.

A gift that really lasts 

Inspire your child to move, think, and grow with a museum membership, knitting classes or rock-climbing lessons.