Kids’ Best Halloween Costume Ideas

by admin

Kids’ Best Halloween Costume Ideas

What are your kids going as this Halloween? 

"Charlie's costume this year." —Jessica

Find more homemade halloween costume ideas, submitted by readers just like you!

“My son, the mariachi.” —Maria

“My baby last year as Boo from Monsters Inc.” —Sarah

“My twins as little lambs.” —Mikayla

“My little koi fish.” —Mikayla

“Sean as a pumpkin.” —Michele

“My three lil’ pirates.” —Jessica

“Charlie at age two.” —Jessica

“My youngest son as a dragon last year.” —Heather

“My oldest when he was a lego a couple of years ago.” —Heather

“Angelina as Belle and Nicholas as Spongebob last year.” —Christina

“Parker as one of the minions from Dispicable Me last year.” —Amanda

“Chilli baby!” —Darlene Avila

“Jayden as Mickey Mouse!” —Virginia

“My son, Logan last year’s Halloween he was 8 months.” —Trisha Waterman Hughes

“My three-year-old as Captain America.” —Jenna Nicole Sandman

“My little Simba.” —Felicia Spencer

“My little sunflower Quinela.” —Susi Indrastuti