Halloween Games

by Caitlin Ultimo

Halloween Games

Planning a Halloween party for a few little goblins? Check out some ghoulish games to spook up the festivities. 

Rule the Runway
Make certificates for different categories, like Most Beautiful, Scariest and Silliest costume. Announce each category and hand out the awards depending upon the level of cheers each costume gets. If the party is for young children, make sure to create enough categories so that each child receives an award.

Find more craft and game ideas for fall.

Witchin’ Relay Balloon Sweep
Divide guests into teams. Set up a course for them to race through. The guests need to run relays sweeping a balloon along the course and back to their team. First team to finish the course wins. 

Mummy Wrap
Divide guests into groups of three or four. Give each team one roll of toilet paper. One kid in each group is the mummy. When you say, "go," the team members wrap the designated mummy up as fast as they can. First team to finish wins. You can also make up other prizes, like for best quality or the most funny.

Monster Tag
Toss a coin to pick the first "Monster". Dress the monster in a mask, a pair of scary hands and a blindfold.  All players have to stay within a circle while the monster wanders around with their arms reaching out to catch the players. When the monster moans or growls, all the players must moan or growl back and extend their arms. When the monster tags a player, they become the next predator.

Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt
Find all the hidden pumpkins! For younger kids, that’s the game For older kids, pick up some mini pumpkins and paint each pumpkin one of three colors (You could also cut pumpkins out of three different colors of construction paper).The colors designate different numbers of points. Hide them and have guests find as many pumpkins as they can before time runs out. When they are done, everyone adds up the numbers on the backs and the one with the most points wins.

Pumpkin Toss
Set up a cluster of pumpkins, of different sizes and shapes.  Give each player three rings to try to toss over the pumpkins during their turn.  You can pass out prizes based on how many pumpkins the player rings.