Boo-tiful Ghost Halloween Costume

by Ellen Goldberg

Boo-tiful Ghost Halloween Costume

A no-sew costume any parent can make

An oversize sweatshirt, some white tulle and ribbon make a simple (and spooky!) no-sew ghost costume.

You'll need:

  • Oversize white sweatshirt
  • Fabric glue
  • 1/2 yard white ribbon
  • 2 yards white tulle
  • 1/4 yard batting
  • Black felt
  • 1/2 yard black ribbon

Body: Follow the instructions for the devil costume, using a white sweatshirt. When it's time to go out trick-or-treating, fold tulle in half and cut a slit at the center, large enough to fit your child's head through. Pull over child's head, on top of the sweatshirt.

Hat: Take one sleeve and cut 8 inches down from the shoulder. Glue raw edges of the widest end under. Coat one side of the batting with glue. Gather the narrow end of the hat and wrap the batting around the top 3 inches, squeezing as you go to form a pointy tip.

Mask: Cut two circles (about 2 inches in diameter) out of black felt; cut smaller circles from the insides to make goggles. Connect them by gluing a piece of thin ribbon between (just long enough to sit on bridge of nose); glue on longer pieces on each side to tie around child's head.

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