Easy Halloween Crafts, Favors and Games

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Easy Halloween Crafts, Favors and Games

These simple Halloween activities are fun to do and make great (spooky!) decorations for the fall

Cat pumpkin
1. Cut out the pumpkin's mask from white stiffened felt.

2. Smear it with glue and sprinkle it with white glitter. Let dry and shake off excess. Before carving, position and tape eyes to the pumpkin so they fit under the mask's eyes.

3. Parents: Carve the face of a carvable artificial white pumpkin ($13; Michaels stores) with a box cutter.

4. Paint the pumpkin bright white and the stem silver. Let dry.

5. Hot-glue the mask on the pumpkin over the eye holes.

6. Hot-glue six 3-1/2-inch iridescent chenille pipe cleaners, three on each side of the nose.

7. With a sharpened pencil, punch a hole 1 inch from either side of the stem. Then punch another hole 1-1/2 inches from the first holes.

8. Cut two 4-inch pieces from a giant chenille pipe cleaner. Bend in half and stick each end in the holes to make the ears.

9. Punch a hole in the back of the pumpkin, about 1-1/2 inches from the bottom center and stick the rest of the giant white pipe cleaner in it for the tail.

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Paper pumpkin
1. Cut 8 pumpkin shapes out of white card stock.

2. Fold each pumpkin in half.

3. Glue the back side of one of the halves to the back of another half, making sure they're aligned. Do this with all 8 pumpkin halves, creating a stack.

4. Smear glue on the top of the stack. Fan out the pumpkin shapes to connect the glued front of the stack to the back, and let dry.

5. If any pumpkins don't line up, just trim.

Creepy white spider
1. Stick a skewer in a 1-1/2-inch and a 2-inch Styrofoam ball. Paint each white using acrylic paint.

2. Place skewer in a tall cup and let paint dry.

3. Once dry, remove skewer and hot-glue the balls together. Hold in place for 30 seconds until dry.

4. Attach sparkly silver stick-on jewels for eyes.

5. Cut eight 2-1/2-inch pieces of white fluffy chenille pipe cleaners.

6. Bend each into an “s” shape, and insert four on each side of the spider's body.

Glittery bat garland
1. Cut 5 bats out of white stiffened felt.

2. Smear each bat with glue, then sprinkle with white glitter. Let dry and shake off excess.

3. Lay down a 1/2-inch-wide white ribbon and measure 12 inches. Starting there, hot-glue one bat in place.

4. Repeat for each bat, leaving 5 inches between each one and another 12 inches at the other end.

Wicked-Witch Pudding Cups
Serves: 6

What your need:
2 packages black licorice laces (about fourteen 36-inch laces)
Black permanent marker
1 package 6 vanilla-flavored pudding snacks
Neon-green food coloring
Six 3-inch round chocolate cookies
6 chocolate sugar cones
Brown decorating icing

  1. Cut three strands of licorice laces in half (approximately 18 inches long). Cut the remaining strands into 2-inch pieces, and set aside.

  2. Using marker, draw the witch's eyes, nose, and mouth on each pudding cup (if they've been refrigerated, you may need to wipe with a towel first to remove any moisture).

  3. Remove the lids and mix 8 to 10 drops of the neon food coloring into each cup.

  4. Place your small licorice pieces around the edge of each cup, into the pudding, to form the witch's hair (you'll need about 25 for each), and set a cookie on top.

  5. Using the long strands of licorice, tie each into a bow around the top of the sugar cones.

  6. Squeeze a little decorating icing onto the rim of each cone; place upside down and secure on top of the cookie to finish the witch's hat.

Eyes of Newt
Makes: 20 eyeballs

What you need:
20 mini-powdered doughnuts
Red decorating gel
20 green M&M's
Black decorating icing

1. Put doughnuts on a platter.

2. Drizzle each with red gel.

3. Place a drop of gel on the back of each M&M, and put one in the center of each doughnut. Top with a drop of black icing to form the pupil.

Hocus-Pocus Punch
Serves: 6 children

What you need:
6 cups lemonade
2 cups lemon-lime soda
Green, red, and blue food coloring
1/3 cup light corn syrup
Gummy worms

  1. Mix the lemonade and soda; add 6 drops green food coloring, stir and set aside.

  2. Pour the corn syrup into a bowl; stir in two drops each of red and blue food coloring.

  3. Dip the rims of 6 glasses into the syrup mixture. Turn the glasses upright and watch the ooze drip down the sides.

  4. Fill each glass with punch; garnish with gummy worms.

"Eyes of Bullfrog" Specimen Jar
What you need:
Black permanent marker
9 bouncy balls
Small Mason jar (with lid painted black or orange, optional)
Neon-blue food coloring
Twine and small shipping tag

  1. Using marker, draw pupils on bouncy balls and set aside.

  2. Fill Mason jar with water, about halfway; add a few drops of the food coloring and stir.

  3. Place the eyeballs into the jar and secure the lid.

  4. Label your jar with twine and a shipping tag.

Witch Lanterns
What you need:
Half-gallon plastic milk or juice jug (empty and clean)
Mod Podge gloss finish (available at crafts stores; may be substituted by mixing a few teaspoons water with 1/3 cup craft glue)
4 sheets lime-green tissue paper, cut into 2- and 3-inch squares and rectangles
Black permanent marker
7-inch black plastic dessert plate
Black raffia ribbon
Cellophane tape
Black poster board
Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
Black ribbon
Small flashlight or LED battery-powered tap light

For the witch head:
  1. Using a kitchen knife, cut a 3-inch square opening below the jug handle, just above the bottom.

  2. With the Mod Podge and tissue paper, decoupage the entire outside of the jug and let dry. No need for perfection! A little sloppy is good.

  3. use the permanent marker to draw on the face.

For the witch hat and hair:
  1. Poke a hole in the center of the black plate and, using scissors, continue to cut an opening the size of the jug spout. This will be the brim.

  2. To make hair, loop the raffia into 12-inch sections, approximately 12 to 15 times. Turn the plate over, and tape the raffia bunch to the brim. Repeat until you have covered a little more than half of the plate.

  3. Place the brim over the spout and push until secure. Cut the loops and trim to even out.

  4. On the black poster board, draw a circle 14 inches in diameter. (You can trace around a large plate.) Cut out with scissors, and then cut in half.

  5. Fold one half to make into hat, and staple.

  6. Secure the top of the hat to the brim with hot glue.

  7. Cut a 14-inch piece of ribbon and glue around the base of the hat.

  8. Place light inside the jug, through the cutout.

No-Carve "Pumpkins"
Bright bottled jack-o'-lanterns were light up any fall windowsill.

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Dangly Sock Spider
Spook the neighbor with this hanging sock spider.

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Bony Beads
Show Halloween spirt with this skeletal neclace.

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Evil-Eye Buckets
Keep a constant eye on you candy collection with these evil-eye buckets.

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Painted Pumpkins
Put an artistic spin on fall by using paint to decorate pumpkins instead.

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Nature Notecards
Give autumn sentiments with naturally printed cards.

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Put on a concert with your new musical instrument.

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Witchy Ways

How to make this bewitching centerpiece

  • Paint a cardboard toilet paper roll white; let dry.
  • Stand a styrofoam egg in one end of the roll; glue to hold. Let dry.
  • Drape a piece of white tissue paper, then a layer of gauze, over the craft, long enough to puddle slightly at the base. Pull tissue and gauze tight over the egg and tie a length of gauze around the ghost's "neck."
  • Cut two ovals out of black construction paper and glue them on for eyes.


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