Creepy Halloween Decorations Ideas

by Desiree Browne

Creepy Halloween Decorations Ideas

Older kids will have a scary-good time helping you create a haunted house with our creepy-cool Halloween props and décor ideas.

Portait of Fear
This looks like any other old-time photo until you walk past and it changes to something much more sinister.

Demon Seed Lenticular Portrait, $16.00, available at

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Sacked Out
Curious guests will get close to see what’s in the bag, but watch out! He shakes and cackles.

Shaking Skeleton in Body Bag, $28.50, available at

Weave a Web
Spook-ify your living room instantly with this creepy cobweb mantelpiece cover. Works as a table runner too!

Black Lace Cobweb Mantel Cover, $14.99, available at

Open for Business
Let everyone in the ‘hood know to enter at your own risk with this gruesome sign.

Light Up Sign on Stake, $8.99, available at

Creepy Crawlers
These window decals are minimum effort for maximum heebie-jeebies.

Shady Spider Window Scene, $12.99, available at

This Way To Halloween Fun
Point guests in the direction of their fate with these ghoulish signs.

Halloween Hanging Sign, $10, available at

Fright Light
Get that abandoned Gothic mansion look with this spider web candelabra, which holds four taper candles.

Spider web candelabra, $10, available at

Grave Situation
Turn your lawn into a cemetery with these eerie tombstones, which come complete with black roses to commemorate the (un)dead.

Tombstone 3 Pack, $23.99, available at

Ghoulish Gathering
These ethereal lawn ornaments play a trick before kids get their treat.

Ghostly Group Lawn Decorations, $29.88, available at

Chop Chop
For those who are really committing to the haunted house concept, this grisly garland is straight out of a horror movie.

Bloody Weapon Garland, $13.95, available at

Face Up
For Halloween décor that’s more funhouse than haunted house, choose these goofy hanging lanterns.

“Boo Bunch” Halloween Lanterns, $15.00, available at

Hanging Around
This giant spider makes whole room impact for only about $5.

Giant hanging spider, $5.50, available at