Here Comes the Sun Costume

by Ellen Goldberg

Here Comes the Sun Costume

Cut and glue felt, then add tights, socks, and a t-shirt, and you've got a cute, bright no-sew halloween costume

For this costume, you'll need:

  • Oversize yellow sweatshirt
  • Fabric glue
  • 1 yd 1"-wide elastic
  • Large safety pin
  • 1/2 yd yellow felt
  • Small piece orange felt
  • 1 yd golden-yellow felt
  • Bag pipe cleaners
  • 1 yd yellow rickrack

1. Cut sleeves off shirt 2" from neck; glue under raw edges. Cut small slit in waistband. Secure one end of elastic to safety pin; insert into slit and work through waistband. Tie ends in knot and cut off excess.

2. Make face: Cut a 12" circle from yellow felt. Create eyes and mouth with orange and golden felt; glue onto circle.

3. Make rays: Cut fourteen 3"-tall triangles and fourteen 6"-tall triangles from golden felt. Cut pipe cleaners into seven 3" pieces and seven 6" pieces. Glue each to the center of a corresponding triangle; glue remaining triangles on top, covering pipe cleaners. Glue triangles around back of circle, alternating sizes.

4. Glue rickrack around edge of circle.

5. Make hat: Cut one sleeve 6" down from top. Glue under raw edges of top. Create three additional 6" rays. Tuck each inside top of hat and glue closed. If necessary, trim bottom of hat to fit.