How to Plan a Halloween Party

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How to Plan a Halloween Party

Step-by-step instructions for planning a Halloween party for your child's class from

The sweet treats, festive games and spooky stories make your child's Halloween class party one of the most exciting days of the new school year! Whether you’re the room mom, teacher or the parent who volunteered to help with the party, a little planning always makes for a fun, memorable and stress-free event.

Here are 4 Steps to Halloween and Fall Party Fun:

1. Plan it: Organize the class party into 'stations' with small groups of kids rotating through activities to keep the pace moving for the kids and the group-size manageable for parent volunteers. Prepare craft, game, and treat stations with everyone coming together for a final activity like a spooky story.

2. Get Help! Ask class parents (and grandparents) to pitch in by contributing supplies and food or by volunteering during the party. Remember to plan for craft and game supplies, snacks, paperware, and simple decorations (think plastic table cloths in festive colors like orange, black, green and purple as well as mini pumpkins and cobwebs with spiders). 

Free online signup sheets from make it easy to coordinate parent helpers. With the click of a mouse or a tap on a smartphone, parents can quickly choose when to help and what to bring, and automated reminders keep everyone on track.3. Think Details: Get inspired with simple, fun craft ideas—check out Pinterest for Halloween-centered fun for all ages! But consider space limitations when choosing party activities.

Here are four Halloween favorites:

  • Apple or Pumpkin Relay: Teams compete to pass an apple or mini pumpkin under their chins kid-to-kid without using any hands. If it drops, start over.
  • Paper Plate Jack-O-Lanterns: A little orange acrylic paint and geometric black construction paper cut-outs make for a fun (and inexpensive) art project!
  • Toilet Paper Mummy Races. Kids relay-race to make a mummy by wrapping their friends in TP.
  • Blindfolds & Pins: Pin the nose on the pumpkin or the bowtie on the skeleton!

Be sure to check out VolunteerSpot’s Classroom Party Guide for 10 fun craft and game ideas for Halloween and Fall celebrations. 

Stories about pumpkins, spiders and black cats will keep kids on the edge of their seats. Ask your children's librarian to recommend spooky tales that are age-appropriate.

For snacks, consider sweet treats like pumpkin-shaped rice krispie treats and warm apple cider or healthy alternatives like apple bites and fruit cups with jack-o-lantern faces! Be sure to ask the teacher if any kids have food allergies if the school has policies limiting sugary treats.

4. Most Importantly—Have fun, and be ready for a great time kids (and parents) will love! Assign a parent with picture taking responsibilities, whether it’s for the end of year slide show or yearbook. When things don't go exactly as planned, don't stress. Instead, put on a big smile and know that the kids will have a great time no matter what!

For more party planning tips, download VolunteerSpot's new e-book: 

Find snacks and treats to serve at the event.