DIY Kids’ Halloween Costumes

by Sabrina James

DIY Kids’ Halloween Costumes

No tricks! Treat yourself to a stress-free Halloween with shockingly simple homemade costumes that won't break the bank.

Save time and money by pairing items you already own with accessories he can rock the rest of the year.


From the closet: White dress

Add: Bird mask ($39) and wings ($9)

Get this exact look: Dress ($12; Target stores) Leather bird mask ($39; Club Angel wings ($9;


From the closet: Khaki pants and orange shirt

Add: Lion hat ($20)

Get this exact look: Striped shirt ($68; Cargo pants ($15; Lion hat ($20;

Mod Doll

From the closet: White blouse

Add: Crochet wig ($35)

Get this exact look: Crochet wig ($35;

Rock Star

From the closet: Graphic tee and bold pants

Add: Mohawk wig ($11)

Get this exact look: Mohawk wig ($11; Union Jack tee ($39; Pocket chain ($2; Harajuku Mini pants ($20; Skull hi-tops ($25;


From the closet: Pajamas and your scarf

Add: Winged hat ($35)

Get this exact look: Pajamas ($36; Sooper Hero hat ($35; Red Fish scarf ($8;


From the closet: Pants, suspenders, striped tee

Add: Pirate hat ($17)

Get this exact look: Captain Meyer hat ($17; <> )Shirt ($16; <> ) Suspenders ($10; H&M stores) Colored denim ($20; <> ) K-Swiss Laguna Hi shoes ($45;<> )


From the closet: Holiday dress

Add: Crown ($23)

Get this exact look: Fashion Family dress ($15; H&M stores) Lace crown ($23;


From the closet: Fancy dress 

Add: Unicorn wig ($45)

Get this exact look: Unicorn wig ($45; <> )Mermaid dress ($30; <> ) Petticoat ($48; americanap<> ) Totally Capri tights ($9; <> ) Lurex leg warmers($8; <> ) Twinkle Toes hi-tops ($60;<> )