Lightning Bolt Costume

by Ellen Goldberg

Lightning Bolt Costume

For the wild child whose energy seems to be heaven-sent, what better choice than a bright bolt? He'll be sure to electrify the entire neighborhood!

For this costume, you'll need:

  • Oversize black shirt
  • Fabric glue
  • Two 26" sheets heavy cardstock
  • 1½ yd batting
  • 2 yd silver lamé
  • 1 yd black felt
  • Black gloves

1. Cut sleeves off shirt about 4" from neck. Glue under raw edges.

2. Make bolts: Cut out two large lightning-bolt shapes from two sheets of cardstock. Glue each one to batting, and trim to size.

3. Wrap front of each bolt with silver lamé; secure to the back with glue. Attach black felt to back of each bolt with glue, and trim to size.

4. Glue bolts to front and back of shirt, felt side down.

5. Create three 8" bolts in same way, but without batting.

6. Glue one bolt to each glove.

7. Make hat: Cut a sleeve about 8" down from top.  Gather top together and glue closed. Add last bolt to top of cap; secure with glue.