Happy Mother’s Day To You! (From You!)

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Happy Mother’s Day To You! (From You!)

Go ahead, you deserve it! Reward yourself for being a great mom with one of these great buys.

Five-Finger Discount
Instead of heading to a pricey salon, try this cheap trick: Rub your nails with cuticle oil, then run a Sally Hansen 2-in-1 white pencil ($4, at drugstores) under your nails for a faux French mani.

Beautiful 'Brella
Your tot is outfitted with rain boots, hat, jacket, and stroller cover, while all you have is a stained burp cloth over your head. How fair is that? Treat yourself to a stylish umbrella—that won't twist in the wind. ($42,

Beach-Ready Bag
Keep your towels, sunscreen, baby bucket hats, and water toys in this oversize tote so you're ready for the first sunny day. Until then, it will make you smile ever time you spy it in your closet. (Accessories floral canvas tote, $17,

Perfect Present
Need a wonderful Mother's Day idea for Grandma (or for yourself?) Simply Silhouettes uses a picture of your baby's profile to make a unique throw pillow. ($40;

Panty Power
You don't have to wear granny undies just because you're a mom. A thong has the ability to make you feel like you're going on a sexy date, even if you're just eating PB&Js in your pj's. These comfy ones are printed with sayings such as "yummy mummy" and "it's a girl." ($20,

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