The Best Family Fun Activities to Enjoy During the Holidays

by Samantha McIntyre

The Best Family Fun Activities to Enjoy During the Holidays
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As you and your family get set to celebrate the holidays, there are plenty of entertaining activities to keep everyone close while savoring the spirit of the season. We’ve rounded up a few super fun, family-themed ideas for you and yours to enjoy together while making special memories as we all quickly countdown the last few days before Christmas.  Check out our favorite pastimes to share after all of the last-minute mall shopping is complete. There’s still time to snag all of them by Christmas Eve!



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Go sledding

Flexible Flyer Metal Runner Steel and Wood Steering Snow Slider


Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh or even better dashing through the snow on this Flexible Flyer Metal Runner Steel and Wood Steering Snow Slider. Sailing downhill on this classic sled is the perfect outdoor activity for making spirits bright! Designed for both kids and adults.

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Watch a Christmas movie

Miracle on 34th Street


With so many Yuletide classics, there are endless options to choose from for a family movie night. We can't help but think it just isn't Christmas without watching Miracle on 34th Street at least once during the holiday season. We believe in Santa!

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Hang Christmas stockings over the fireplace

JOYIN 4 Pack Knitted Christmas Stockings


Santa surely won't be delivering coal to anyone in your household this season, so why not hang these JOYIN 18-inch Knitted Christmas Stockings by the chimney with care for each member of the family? Oh, what fun it will be to find little surprises hidden inside on Christmas Day!

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Bake cookies for Santa

Oriental Cherry Xmas Eve Santa Wooden Treat Board


With all of the rounds that Santa and his reindeer gang will be making on Christmas Eve, they're bound to get a little hungry. Be sure to surprise the big guy and his troop by placing a few snacks on this Oriental Cherry Xmas Eve Santa Wooden Treat Board before he arrives at your home. This festive holiday tray is perfect for fresh goodies.

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Have an ugly sweater party

SSLR Big Boys' Funny Crewneck Pullover Ugly Christmas Sweater


It's still not too late to plan a fun family get together to celebrate before or even during the holidays. Have all of your guests show up in their finest ugly sweaters. Invite the kids to participate sporting silly styles like this SSLR Funny Crewneck Pullover Sweater. We guarantee a whole lot of laughter and holiday cheer!

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Take the kids ice skating

Botas Diana Figure Ice Skates


There is nothing more fun than ice skating in wintertime! Glide through a winter wonderland with the little ones sporting these Botas Diana Figure Ice Skates. Designed for kids and adults, these comfortable, quality skates will have you dancing on ice in no time!

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Build a Gingerbread House

Tootsie Roll Holiday Gingerbread Cottage Kit


Now, this is one sweet holiday activity that can turn into a fun family tradition. The kids are sure to get a kick out of building this Tootsie Roll Holiday Gingerbread Cottage. This kit comes with colorful candy faves, including Tootsie Rolls, Dubble Bubble, Dots & Flower Powers and Tootsie Fruit Rolls. There is also a setup tray, pre-mixed icing and gingerbread house panels. It's fast and easy to assemble and doesn't require baking. What a treat!