Holiday Traditions We’d Like to Scrap

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Holiday Traditions We’d Like to Scrap

These moms would have merrier holiday seasons if it weren't for these family traditions

"I'd stop making Monkey Bread in the wee hours of Christmas morning and get some extra sleep!" -Marie Lindahl, Peoria, IL

"I'd think twice about lighting the candles on our menorah for all eight nights—which leads to eight weeks of scraping wax!" -Lisa Small, Plano, TX

"Setting up the 'Christmas Train' under the tree, which always derails in the hardest corner of the room to get to." -Colleen A. Quintana, Frisco, TX

"I'd never bake another Christmas cookie." -Michelle Riter, Deposit, NY

"Sprinkling plastic snow around my husband's footsteps so it'll look like Santa was there. Huge mess!" -Angie Jula, Bradenton, FL