Homemade Easter Bunny Basket

by Marie LeBaron

Homemade Easter Bunny Basket

How to make a cute bunny basket perfect for Easter candy and goodies.

You Need:

  • Recycled container for basket—this is a frosting tub
  • White cardstock paper
  • Cotton ball
  • Scissors, markers
  • Glue—glue dots work great

What to Do:

1. Measure your white paper around your container. With your scissors, cut the paper to fit the length around the whole container. Leave a few inches of the paper extra long for the bunny’s ears to point out long.

2. Using glue, attach the paper around the container.

3. Color a bunny face with your markers or crayons.

4. Attach a cotton ball with glue to the back of the container as bunny tail.

5. Fill with fun Easter goodies!

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