Hot Dad Alert!

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Hot Dad Alert!

These pancake-making, diaper-changing hotties rock our world. Check out pictures of the hot dads in our readers' lives—then send us a photo of your hunky hubby

Ryan, Tampa, FL
"My husband is a natural, a real gem. Not only does he change a lot of our 7 week old Alexander's diapers without complaint, he also gives him his nightly bath, teaches him to ride our cat and best of all got involved in teaching Alexander to latch!" — Euphemia Greiner

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George Lin, Naperville, Illinois
"My husband is so committed to our family. He arranged with his employer to stay at home one day a week to spend more time with our children; and he is the first to wake up many mornings to make his delicious pancake-from-scratch breakfast and to hang with our children because he knows how much I enjoy sleeping in."  Patricia Lin

"Without complaint, he walks the kids back to their beds when they night-wake, as I shamelessly pretend to be in a coma-like sleep when this happens."  Samantha Gianulis

(Samantha gave us 9 reasons why her husband is hotthis is only one of them!)

Euclides "Cle" Durfield, Southfield, MI
"My husband is a blessing to our family. He has always offered support with the kids by assisting me in morning (with only 3 hours of sleep), dropping off at day care, completing household chores, going on field trips, and also working me in for some personal time together. (SMILE) Even more remarkable, he supported my career change 100%. WHAT A MAN!"  Yolanda Durfield

Danny, Monroe, NY
"My hubby is the hottest dad around! He is a hands on dadhe changes diapers, occupies the baby at a restaurant so I can eat in peace, gives bubble baths which he seems to enjoy just as much and wrestles with the kids! Danny is the best dad around and definitely the hottest! But the best part is that he tucks me in bed every single night!" — Doreen Klime

Jason, Springfield, MO
"When Jason and I found out that we would be unexpectantly blessed with a little miracle, Myles, Jason made the decision that he would stay home with Myles while I worked. Jason loves everything about being a dadhe's creative, fun, patient and so loving. I couldn't ask for a better father, husband and friend. Everyday when I come home from work I fall in love all over again with both my boys!" — Megan Lozano

Trevor Pilon, Peterborough, Ontario
"My husband is a hot dad because he is so good with our son Gavin. They watch hockey together and 'fly' around the house. Gavin's face just lights up everyday Trevor comes home from work. But the main reason I think my husband is a hot dad is because of all the daddy kisses like in the photo. You can't resist a man with a kiss like that!"  Quinn Pilon

Chris Crombie, Stratham, NH
"Where do I begin? With his gorgeous smile and HOT looks, his tender heart, his phenomenal cooking and cleaning skills, his ability to make my 3 year-old daughter feel like the biggest princess in the world, or how he makes me feel like the most gorgeous and best mother in the world?"  Rosana Crombie

"My husband of seven years is the most unselfish man alive and a wonderful father. The first year of our son's life, he had some medical issues and had been in the hospital numerous times and [my husband] always remembered everything. The nurses always commented on how the mothers usually have to answer all the questions but he always knew them all."  Anne Marie Cooper

"My husband is a hot dad because every Saturday he takes our 1 year-old son out for the day to give mommy her alone time. He has our child up, out and dressed before I wake up and leaves a note usually saying 'out for the day, love you, call if you need us'. My husband is a full-time father everyday but he makes Saturdays extra special for me and our son."  Christina Hall, Faust, PA

"My husband Eric made the ultimate sacrifice for his family when he deployed to Iraq. We are both active duty Marines but he made the decision to go so I would not have to. I am always the one who stays with the girls while he is the one who goes out to defend the nation's freedom. Our girls Breyanna (4) and Julissa (2) think of their daddy as their hero. When he is home, he is busy entertaining us and making us happy. He cooks, cleans and spends all of his off duty time making sure we are happy. He is more than my husbandhe is my best friend."  Kayla Stewart

Justin, Atlanta, GA
"My husband of three years was quite a catch to start with, but recently becoming a father has made him the apple of my eye. He proudly totes our daughter (and all her stuff) around everywhere we go, sings her songs, makes up princess stories, and has fully embraced the color pink as a constant in our home. He even added a little in his own closet in her honor!"  Star Driesse

Selene Parekh, Chapel Hill, NC
"As soon as my husband gets home from a long day of work, regardless of how arduous his day has been, he jumps right on the floor to play with our son and takes over for me. In addition, each weekend, he wakes up as soon as the baby wakes up and tells me to 'go back to sleep' as he gets the baby, changes his diaper and feeds him. This is followed by him making breakfast for us on the weekends! He never gets a day off or a day to sleep in and he NEVER complains about it. If he is home, he offers to do all the feedings and diaper changes so I can take a break! He is the hottest and best dad I know!"  Zankhna Parekh

Kongrit Tiengerd, Simi Valley, CA
"On top of being a firefighter for Los Angeles City Fire Department, my husband is the love of my life, my best friend, and the greatest dad to our daughter, Chloe, 6, and son Tyler, 4. When he is off-duty, he spends his days volunteering at our kids' schools, supporting PTA functions, and organizing play dates with the neighborhood kids. The most special treat for a full-time working mom, like myself, is when I get home, he'll have homework done, kids bathed and fed, and dinner ready. He is literally one HOT DAD who continues to light my fire in every way!"  Theresa Tiengerd

"My husband is such an amazing man! People are attracted to him because of his humble personality. He never has an unkind thing to say about anyone. He teaches our children that there is more to life than winning. It's easy to be good at something, but it's difficult to encourage others when you're not the best. Every year that he and I are together, I notice yet another reason to love him even more. Without a doubt, I am head over heels for him and fascinated at how distinguished he has became with age."  Yolanda Sorrell, Michigan

Mike, Surfside, FL
"My husband Mike is the most unbelievable dad! He is a firefighter and paramedic (he was even on the cover of the firefighter calendar!) and lives life to the fullest. His patience and love for our son Nash just melts my heart. He's showing Nash all about life by taking him to the fire station, skateboarding, crabbingyou name itand including him in everything he enjoys doing himself. Seeing my husband as a dad makes me fall in love all over again!"  Sally Ann Kennedy

George, Kaneohe, HI
"My husband is a hot dad because he believes parenting is a partnership. He took 7 weeks of maternity leave with me when our daughter Kealani was born, encouraged and helped me breastfeed, changed ALL of her diapers the first 3 months of her life, and accompanies us to each and every one of Kea's doctor appointments. He also takes our daughter for a few hours every other weekend to the beach or park so I can have some "alone" time to myself and watches her on weekend mornings so I can go running. On top of that, he cooks all the meals!" — Jeri Yamamoto

Dave McKee
"My husband, Dave, is incredibly hot! After a long day at work and a rough commute home, he still bathes our daughter, Zeta, each night after dinner. He never fails to make sure that I get a break from mommyhood when I need it, whether it is letting me sleep in or staying home while I go out with my girlfriends. I feel so lucky to have him by my side and when I see him gaze lovingly at our little girl, I fall in love with him all over again."  Ginger McKee

"Not only is my husband HOT, but he was an incredible stay-at-home dad to our now 17 month-old triplets, for the first 14 months of their lives. Every day I came home to healthy, happy babiesnobody can ask for more than that. They recently started daycare so that he could work on his new business, but he did an amazing job those 14 months!"  Julie

Torian Short, Lithonia, GA
"My husband is a hot dad inside and out. Not only is he 'fine as wine', he is an absolutely wonderful husband and father and I adore him. Parenting for us is truly a team effort and he gives it his all. I work nights, so when he comes home from work, without hesitation, he happily takes our one year-old for a walk, plays some baby games with him, feeds him dinner, gives him a bath, reads him a book, and puts him to bed every single day. Even on Saturday, he gets up and spends the day with the baby so that I can sleep in and maybe have lunch with friends. My favorite time of day is when he comes home from work and my son makes a beeline to the door laughing and squealing because he's so excited to see his daddy."  Deena Short

Nate, Monticello, MN
"'Hot Nate' is what my roommate and I called my husband in college, before we were even dating! Now 'Hot Nate' is 'Hot Dad'. Not only was he the best support in the hospital (nurses commented on how wonderful he was), but he has been nothing but FABULOUS as a dad! He has had spit up in his mouth, barf on his face, has been peed on, and pooped on, and all with a great attitude! He puts his two girls first ALWAYS! It is most evident when he helps me out every morning with getting our daughter fed and dressed. He walks us both to the car and gives out kisses and hugs to stay with us through the day!"  Kara Radke

Scott, Larkspur, CA
"My husband is the love of my life, my best friend and an amazing father to our 2 boys. He keeps us all laughing with his funny faces, makes us home cooked meals nightly, and still has time to rub my feet after a long, hard day. Despite a tough year (I was diagnosed with breast cancer), he has been my rock and my love for him has only grown stronger."  Lauren Murphy

Sammy, Margate, FL
"My husband still is the same man I married many years ago and if he has changed, it is the for the better. He still is the most romantic, energetic, thoughtful, handsome, patient, generous, kind, helpful man I have ever met, and trust me I am not bragging, all of my friends agree with me. He is not only great looking but loves being a dad. He cooks, clean, does laundry (and not just on Mother's Dayhe does it all the time). He is a pro when it comes to taking care of his children."  Sandy Martinez

John Chew
"The best character trait is his love and passion for life with our children. He bonds with each one in their own way. With our 14 year-old daughter, he will drive her to get Pinkberry; with our 8 year-old son, he will practice baseball and soccer with him and bond with PS3 games; with our 4 year-old daughter, it's always games and cuddling; and last but certainly not least is our 2 year-old son with autism, he will shoot basketballs with him to his heart's content!"  Jennifer Chew

Dennis Hinrichs, New Orleans, LA
"My husband, Dennis Hinrichs, is truly an Amazing Dad. Everything he does is for his girls and newborn twins. He is part Dad and part jungle gym. The girls love to wrestle, climb, and perform stunts a mother would never feel comfortable doing. He is a strong, sensitive, and fun dad, whose goal is to keep his girls smiling! We all cherish his playful personality! He changed jobs for more time at home and even took a lengthy time off when the twins were born!"  Charlene Hinrichs


Rod Alhadeff
"Rod is amazing. He fully supported my decision to go back to school this year to study and pursue my dream of changing careers. This means he spends a lot more time taking care of the kids on his own when I travel out of state monthly to attend school. I thought I'd call home and find him overwhelmed. Instead he is making cupcakes (with organic ingredients!) and taking the kids to the aquarium. He is my dream come true and I am passionately in love with this man."  Juli Ford Alhadeff

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