Hot Dad Alert: Gallery 3

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Hot Dad Alert: Gallery 3

These dads let their wives dress them in matching outfits with their sons, travel 3 hours to see Thomas the Tank Engine, and even claim they'd be willing to breastfeed. And they're totally hot.

"You just don't expect this big 200lb weightlifter to be doing arts and crafts with his 3 little girls, but he does. The girls are so in love with their Daddy because of the quality time he spends with them. His world is about his family and making our hearts melt with happiness and love. And that makes him hotter than hot! Even if he were to lose all his hair and gain 100lbs he would still be HOT to me and his girls."  Wendy

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Winter Park, FL
"My husband Gianni has been a hands on father to our 9-week-old son Valen since day one! He comes home almost everyday for lunch to spend time with us both and hopefully catch Valen turning over another new milestone. Since Gianni has become a father he has been beaming with love and pride for his son and there is nothing more attractive to a wife and mother than seeing that everyday!"  Michelle

Charlotte, NC
"My husband, Andy, is not only a wonderful and supporting husband, but he is the most amazing father to our 11-month-old daughter, Madilyn. The minute he comes home from work, it is "Madi, Daddy time" and he steps right in to help take care of her. Our daughter ADORES him and he can always make her laugh with the silly games they play. He will get up with her in the middle of the night, and lets me sleep a little extra in the morning. And not a day goes by that he doesn't tell me how much he loves me. He really is the hottest dad out there!"  Michele

Avondale, PA
"Rob is totally awesome! He is a dedicated Daddy to his little girl! When Karli was delivered I cried because I thought he would be upset he didn't have a boy to carry on his name, but was I ever so wrong! He fell in love with Karli immediately. He started changing her diapers the day she was born and has never stopped. He feeds her, plays with her, and dresses her up. He even loves to shop for hats for his precious bundle. I love him even more now after seeing how smitten he is with our daughter!"  Kristine

Middlesex, NJ
"My husband Roger, is one of a kind. He is an exceptional father. He tackles our 15-month-old daughter Chelsea and she finds it to be the funniest thing in the world. They play marine baby. That's when he puts her to slowly crawl around while he is on top of her and sneak into different rooms to find me. He has made our daughter be a "tough baby". She falls and gets right back up like nothing happened… might be from getting tackled so much at home. I go to school at night and he is in charge. He can put her to sleep faster than I can. He takes her for walks and just loves to say shes "my daughter". It would be nearly impossible for me to go to school without him. Oh and he actually tells me not to cook because i do too much. So sometimes I actually nap with Chelsea because I don't need to worry about cooking. It can't get any better than that. Roger is understanding, patient and so energized and he has transmitted his energy and love for life to out little girl. Thanks to him we have an energetic and happy little girl. Our daddy is one of a kind!"  Jehimy

San Antonio, TX
"Stephen gives me a break from cooking once a week by taking the family out to eat. I get to eat first, while he entertains our 2 kiddos. For instance he'll order coffee the minute we sit down and use the creamer cups (perfect for little hands)to play the shell game. Our 2 1/2-year-old, Sophia, loves it and our 4-month-old, Joaquin, watches with excitement. Stephen does so much more to make him a hot dad, but witnessing this up close over a nice meal is like watching a great comedy. All the love and laughter is so contagious. We often have other families taking notice and even trying it out with their own children."  Hope

"Warren deserves to be recognized for many reasons! He is a commercial airline pilot for Jetblue, which takes him away for anywhere from 4-6 days at a stretch, but when he comes home he is the best dad a family could want! He willingly takes over everything once he comes home. He feeds, baths, changes diapers etc. for our son Sawyer. He works so hard to provide him with everything he wants both emotionally and physically. He also is in the air force part-time which takes him away from his family time, but he never complains and only showers Sawyer with that much more love and attention. This picture was taken on Sawyer's first camping trip!"  Christy

"My 4-month-old daughter Sophie absolutely loves spending time with Dad. Dad gives her a bath each evening before bedtime. He can make her laugh and giggle uncontrollably with his tickles and games. He is the best father in the world!"  Karen

"I am completely enamored of my husband, Michael, of almost 6 years. We have a 3 year old son, Noah Andres and a 7 month old girl, Selah Isabel. He is Active Duty Air Force and we travel the world as a family. He is the most intelligent, caring, funny and spiritual person I've ever met. I knew he'd be a wonderful husband, but his fatherhood has far exceeded my expectations. From pregnancy and through every stage so far, he has partnered with me for the greatest adventure of our lives. He and I met in graduate school and each have careers and interests that are time-consuming and rewarding, but parenthood is what he says he enjoys the most. And with Michael¿s very demanding and time consuming job as a Military Commander, he still makes the time to be home with the children every evening for dinner, bath time and story time. He stays by my son's bed talking, singing and praying until Noah falls asleep.He is soon to be deployed to Afghanistan and we are preparing our son for the time apart. Michael has been very thoughtful in making the most of every moment by working during our children's sleep hours to ensure that he is here to enjoy every moment with me and them before he has to leave us.He said that one of the best compliments he received is when a co-worker once told us that if he could come back as anyone in this world, he'd want to be one of our children. We laughed so much, but took it as such a great compliment to know that our joys as parents are shown to others."  Margo

Staten Island, NY

"My son Dylan, 16 months, is incredibly lucky because he has such an involved and attentive father who loves him unconditionally. Haroon is a hard-working U.S.P.S. Letter Carrier but he always happily has time (and energy!) for Dylan. They're best buds who are at their happiest no matter what they are doing as long as they are together! Dylan adores his father and loves to imitate everything he does! Seeing what a wonderful father my husband is to our son makes me continuously fall in love with Haroon all over again!"  Amanda

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"Vely is a hot dad on-call at the hospital and at home! Even though his anesthesia residency leaves him exhausted, he still makes shoulder-time with baby Christopher. On the weekends, he attends baby gym classes with us when his schedule permits. He even gets his colleagues to cover for him if we need to attend family gatherings. M.D. in case stands for "Marvelous Dad"!!!"  Kimberly

"Clive and I met in the fifth grade, and he has never stopped pursuing me, even after we got married 6 years ago. I didn't think he could get any more incredible, and then we had two boys. He is an absolute natural as a father. He cleans, cooks, plays with the kids, writes me notes, and buys me flowers, plays with the kids some more!, snuggles our new baby boy, invests in our two-year-old boy's character each day, and gives our boys their baths every night. I feel so honored and blessed to see him in this role, he blows me away as a husband and father daily!"

Hopewell Junction, NY

"I have known my husband Rob for fourteen years and we have been married for eight. I love him more and more as the years go by. Watching him with our children makes me delighted and proud that he is my husband and the father to our two boys. As parents, we truly work as a team. There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing the joy on our boys' faces as my husband plays soccer with them in the backyard, reads them stories, and gives them their baths. Not only is he a hot dad, but a super dad and a super husband as well. P.S. And he cooks too!!!"  Shandra

"My husband, Matt is a hot dad! Not only does he handle all of the 'typical' dad stuff, like the lawn, the cars and the house, he does at least 50% of the housework and 60% of the parenting! He even finished his engineering degree when our daughter, Lottie, was under two years old. (She's three now.) I don't know how he does it all, but he's amazing. Not to mention super good looking! I don't know what I'd do without him, and I truly don't know how I would've gotten through the first few months of parenting as a new mother without his help!!"  Christine

"We have always been a team, ever since we met, from working in the Deaf-Blind community, our marriage, trying to get pregnant for the past 5 years, to then being by my side throughout the entire pregnancy, even the birth of the girls, holding my hand harder than I holding his during the delivery telling me to PUSH (haha), to NOW staying home during the day with the girls while I go to work from 7am – 3:15pm and then going to work himself from 4:30pm – 11pm. WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A TEAM!! I'm a Social Worker for the Deaf and Deaf-Blind and secretary for the National Organization, American Association of the Deaf-Blind while Jeff is a Sign Language Interpreter for the Deaf and Deaf-Blind and travels with me to the Board meetings across the USA to interpret for various Conferences and meetings for the Deaf-Blind Community. People always say to us, "WOW you two do so much and it must be so hard raising twins, too." To be honest with you, we don't know anything else but how to raise twins since we don't have any other kids and second, they give us the energy to continue doing what we do. WE LOVE IT!!

He has a blast with the girls everyday, he runs in the neighborhood with them, plays with them on the floor, snuggles up and takes naps with them, teaches them signs and so much more… It's so wonderful that the girls have him as their daddy, he is wonderful!"  Marilyn

"I've been reading your wonderful magazine since our first daughter, Lucy, was born 2 years ago and it has helped us a lot! I can't help but notice the hot dad alerts and feel my hubby fits right in. With Dave around, it's like having two moms. Since we had our second child, Eve, 9 weeks ago, he has stepped up to the challenge. He comes home early from work every day to help, he takes Lucy to and from school, he changes just as many diapers as I do, he puts Lucy to bed while I tend to Eve, he'll run to the store anytime I ask (especially for my latte), and makes me feel beautiful even though I still have many pregnancy pounds to lose. I really couldn't ask for more… he even said he would breastfeed Eve if he could. Thanks a bunch!!!!"  Emily

Kailua, HI

"Here is my husband Kino with our daughter Tia (10 months old). When my daughter was a newborn, my husband would sing our wedding song to her every night while walking her around the house until she fell asleep. Tia is now 10 months old and anytime she gets fussy, he sings our song to her to calm her down. It works every time. Watching his face light up with Tia makes me fall in love with him over and over again! He is such a proud dad and I love him for that. We are blessed to have a wonderful daddy like him in our lives."  Tara

"My husband is a hot dad because he is so hands on, so loving and family comes first for him. We have 3 children, Sydney, 3 1/2, and new baby girl twins, Alexandra and Madison. Although we have our hands full, David finds fun in every day. He loves taking Sydney to the beach and digging big holeswhich ends up being a big kid attraction. He also loves sports and we both play softball together. We have been together for 10 years and I couldn't imagine my life without him."  Jean-Marie

Honolulu, HI

"Max is the ultimate fun dad because he's a big kid himselfalways tickling and chasing our two-year old, Joshua, until they are both howling with laughter, holding him high above his head for 'airplane' rides, and swimming with him in our little backyard pooltheir ultimate bonding time. Seeing him with our son, or holding our three month old newborn, Makayla, I feel so blessed that he is the father of my children. Seeing how happy my children are is a reflection of what a great dad and what a great man he is, and there is nothing hotter than that!"  Erica

"My husband Scott is the best dad ever as he takes our daughter on bike rides, trips to the beach, swimming classes and walks in which he lets her smell flowers and touch the bark on trees. He also lets me sleep in on the weekends. He evens put girly clips in her hair! He does this and more not out of obligation but because he loves us so much. Our daughter's name is Olivia but Scott calls her Liv Strong!"  Amy

Wallingford, PA

"My husband, Jon, is the love of my life and our son Jackson's hero. Not only is he the handiest, most talented guy I've ever met, (he does all our home repairs himself – from drywall to plumbing to electrical to hardwood floors and beyond…) but he always lets Jackson "help" with the jobs even though it then takes him twice as long. He works crazy hours and always takes extra shifts so that I could quit my job last June when Jackson was diagnosed with Diabetes. As if that wasn't enough, he just started going back to school, online, to finish his bachelor's degree. He is the hardest worker I know. Even when he's tired, he reads stories and makes up crazy songs or pretends to fight fires or rope steer or walk the plank with our little boy. He absolutely idolizes his son. And even though I still have not lost all the baby weight (almost 3 years later) he tells me several times a day how beautiful I am. He has no idea how much I love him for that."  Kara

Huron, OH

"This is my hot Hubby, Eric. He's more than hot, he's sexy, gorgeous, handsome, and all the above! He works in a ton of hours (about 80 a week) but is more than dedicated to his family. He comes home at the oddest of hours (He's in the hotel industry) and kisses the kids goodnight, always making SURE they know just how much he loves them and misses them. And when they can spend time together they're rough housing, swimming, and playing together constantly. In this picture, he's having a great day by the pool with our oldest, Sasha, who's 2. I really admire him, for spending so much time at work and always having the time and energy to make sure the kids get to spend quality time with their father."  Cali

"My hottie husband is the best! Jon had always been nervous around babies and when he held them it just looked awkward, so I was a little worried about how he was going to react when our little one arrived. As soon as Delaney was born he took charge like I had never seen before. I didn't have to worry about a thinghe was a pro. He changed every diaper in the hospital, swaddled like I have never seen before, and looked like he had held 1,000 babies in his lifetime. This has carried over into our home life as well. He gets up each time she cries at night to change her diaper and bring her to me, I have yet to get out of bed (and she slept in our room for the first 6 months). I recently went back to work part-time when she turned 7 months. Since we have different work schedules, he spends the mornings with her and then leaves for work when I get home. We have been fortunate enough to not have to put her in daycare so she is always with one of us. It is such a nice feeling to be able to have no worries as a mother when going back to work. When he gets home from work he goes straight for a kiss from both of us. We eat dinner together and then we all go upstairs for Delaney's bath, story and bedtime. Recently two of Jon's friends became Dads and he was right there to share his diapering and swaddling techniques. Delaney loves her Daddy and I love my husband. I married my high school sweetheart and best friend. It is amazing that he does all these things with no complaints. I feel so lucky and loved. Thanks, Jon, for being such a wonderful and natural father and thanks to my beautiful Ladybug Delaneyyou have both taught me a new kind of LOVE."  Rachel

Boerne, TX

"My husband is the hottest Dad because he puts his family first. He shows us unconditional love every day with his patience, kindness, and generosity. Galen loves to play, learn, teach, and live life to the fullest. He inspires me to be a comparable partner in raising our family and he supports me wholly in that venture. I think we are such a happy family because of his positive attitude and unwavering devotion."  Rachel

Louisville, KY

"Besides being a busy partner at his CPA firm and a law school student, my husband, Jeff, is a wonderful father to our two boys. He gets up every morning to sit with our 2 year old son, Wade, as he goes potty. He talks in funny voices and makes faces to keep our 4 month old, Brooks, happy… even in public! He makes great French toast. AND he takes me out on great dates! Jeff is also a hot dad because he lets me dress him and the boys in matching outfits!!!"  Lindsay

Portsmouth, OH

"Before I met Gregg, he was modeling all over the world, often with beautiful women. Now the only camera he poses for is mine, and his favorite girl to pose with is our beautiful daughter Ava Grace. Gregg tells me all the time this is the happiest he has ever been in his life. He is an amazing Dad!"  Kristin

Frankfort, KY

"Thad is the owner of not one but two small businesses so he works very hard all of the time. However, he always seems to have time for our baby girl, Bayla. He is exhausted at the end of the day but he always has enough energy to get down on the floor and play with Bayla for hours. Thad plays his guitar while she "sings" at the top of her lungs. And he insists on being the one to put her to bed every night. She lays on his chest until she gets drowsy and then he tucks her in with a kiss. After she goes to sleep we have mommy and daddy time. We are so lucky to have him. I could not ask for a better dad for Bayla or a better husband for myself."  Stephanie

"My husband John is the dad to 4 crazy boys ages 8,7,5, and 3 with baby 5 on the way. He is also a full time medical student, and will serve his active duty time in the army after he graduates. Despite being busy with those things, he still finds the time to coach our kids soccer teams, take them to parks, go to swim meets, and be there for them. He is the one who tucks them in at night and sings crazy songs to them (Wonderboy and anything from They Might be Giants are huge hits at bedtime!) He totally helps around the house and cooks when I can't handle food smells, irons all the clothes, and lets me sleep in every weekend! He is so supportive! All of the other kids at his school always ask him how he does it, because they can't imagine having to balance even one kid with school and he just tells them his family has to come first, or none of the work will matter. He is the BEST!!"

"My 4-year-old son will tell you that his dad is hot because he laughs at my son's made up knock-knock jokes, willingly plays 5 games of 'Trouble' in a row, dances to my son's guitar 'music', and has hour long water pistol battles in summer, but…

…I'll tell you that my husband is a hot dad because he's THERE! He is a very active part of our son's life. He keeps a very regular work day schedule, weekdays only, home by 5:30, with one weekday off every other week. He admits to having a lower income potential because of thisbut his family gets the rewards money can't buyhim! He never minds taking a day or half day from work for sickness(our sons or mine), or fun. He willing takes more vacation than he'll get paid for every yearwhether it's for a big family vacation to the beach or Floridaor for those one day vacations to trek 3 hours away to see Thomas the Tank Engine!"  Lori

Springfield, VA

"Craig is an amazing father and husband. He not only works full time to support the family and pursues his MBA at night but comes home with a smile on his face and spends the rest of the evening entertaining Aidan, our 17 month old, and Fenway, our 3 year old golden retriever, while I make dinner and take a breather (I'm 7 month pregnant with our second). They wrestle, play hide and seek, play catch, go on stroller rides, blow bubbles, throw frisbee, read books, color on thesidewalk, and dance to the radio. He always does the dishes after dinner, gives Aidan his bath and puts him to sleep every night. I feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful loving partner to share this wonderful journey of parenthood with."  Jennifer

Monroe, NY

"My hubby is the hottest dad around! He is a hands-on-dad, changes diapers, occupies the baby at a restaurant so I can eat in peace, gives bubble baths which he seems to enjoy just as much and wrestles with the kids! Danny is the best dad around and definitely the hottest!! But the best part is that he tucks me in bed every single night!"  Doreen

Cranford, NJ

"On vacation, my husband Mike played with our 8 month old son, Brandon, on the beach so I could relax and read a book. Being a stay at home mom, having just a little time to myself means so much!"  Allison


Voorhees, NJ

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New York, NY

"I always new my husband Michael would be a great Dad, but I never expected that he would be such a natural. When Caden, our 8 month old gets too fussy that even Mr. Hop Hop won't settle him down, Michael sings The Candyman from Willy Wonka. Caden's mouth drops open, eyes get big and a state of peaceful zen overcomes him. Nothing is hotter than a man who can handle a baby meltdown."  Kathi

Miami, FL

"I just had to write to you today and speak about my (HOT DAD) husband of one year and step father to my only 10 year old son Nicolas. He is a God send. My HOT DAD cooks well balanced meals every night, sits 5 nights a weekfor 5-6 hours assisting with homework, tests or FCAT's, buys him books, makes reading interesting for my son, attends all parent/teacher meetings, emails teachers on a regular basis to get updates on my son's homework, behavior and tests scores, makes sure my son brushes his teeth, rinses and flosses and even has turned Myson into a broccoli and corn lover (which was hell to do). I'd love the world to know there are still amazing guys out there and the one of speak of is my husband HOT DAD Richard. He's 25 and takes my son on as if he were one of his own, and that's rare."  Nicole

Henderson, NV

"As you can see, my husband of 9 years still takes great care of his body. Best of all, his daily workout routine includes a run to the park for playtime with our son, which gives me some great "Mommy time" each day! He is my dream husband, and our son's best buddy!"  Amanda

Dracut, MA

"I am the mom of two boys, Parker (3 1/2) and Griffin (1). I feel so lucky to have my husband PJ, he has such a good sense of humor and creative spark with the boys. He gets into character with "choo choo" trains, super heroes, and sports. His imaginary play is amazing, and the boys totally feed into it and think he is so much fun. My 3 year old says he wants to be "just like Daddy" on a daily basis. He sets aside specific nights of the week to be sure he takes Parker to the lake to get fishing in. He has an hour ride commute to and from work and leaves at 5:00 am. He still manages to walk in with a smile and light up their faces, no matter how long or rough his day was. I'm a social worker dealing with so many families where the children don't have both a mother and father, and I'm extremely lucky to have such a devoted and loving husband."  Jill

White, GA

"My husband, Garth, 32, is a hot dad because he is truly a kid at heart and it makes me so happy to see him play with our boys, Will, 3, and Oliver, 6 months. Garth will come home from work with a special surprise for Will, like this slip and slide, just because he wants to see Will's smile and laughter when trying something new and exciting. He makes breakfast for our family every morning, even though he has to be up and out of the house before I leave with the boys, and he takes them with him to the gym every Saturday morning so I can get some "me" time. Garth is my best friend and I couldn't imagine being married or parenting our children with any other man."  Charity

"Robert is a hot Dad because he is involved in every aspect of his children's lives. He has no boundaries about what a father should do with and for his kids (Nadia, 6, and Aidan, 2). He does everything from changing diapers to clothes shopping to singing silly songs. Hugging and kissing his kids are a must and they adore him! As do I."  Jean

"I am married to a patient, loving, kind, and very caring man. And I know for a fact that he is the hottest dad ever!! Here's why: even after we had Malbec, Charlie continues to make me feel like I am the most beautiful woman in the world. He tells me that I am a fabulous wife, that I am sexy (even though I hardly ever feel like it), and that I am the love of his life. Every day he tells me that I'm a great mom. I continue to fall in love with him more and more as I watch how he nurtures and cares for our son. Malbec is very blessed to have such a wonderful father, and I am very blessed to have such a loving and special husband! "

Miami, FL

"The best part of my husband's and my daughter's day is when my husband comes home from work. Never fail, no matter what she's doing, when she hears his car alarm beep on, she drops everything and runs to the door calling "Daddy". And the minute he comes in, no matter what kind of day he's had, he gets the biggest grin on his face as she yells "Daddy" and jumps into his arms. As this picture shows, they are each other's best friends. Isabella is a true Daddy's Little Girl and Jorge treasures her. Seeing them together always reminds me why I'm so lucky."

"My hubby is the most fantastic husband and father possible to our two lovely girls! He is never too tired for "tiger rides", chutes and ladders, or hide and seek. He adores us and always makes sure that we know it. I feel so blessed for him everyday and I know that our daughters will grow up feeling special knowing that had a father like him who always makes extra special time for them and who would surprise them with breakfast in bed with 'Daddy's World Famous Oatmeal'".  Vicke

"My husband Ryan is the best dad to Katelyn and Gabrielle and plays a major role in their lives. We both work full time, but Ryan is a pharmaceutical Courier, so he gets up at 4:30am to start his day. One of our moms will watch the girls in the morning when I go to work at 8 am and then Ryan is able to be home with them by 1 pm. He and the girls love their time together… they read books, play in their play room, and take family naps together! Then, everyone is rested and in a good mood by the time mommy comes home at 5:30pm! He is the kindest, gentlest, most caring and sexiest man I have ever met! We are truly blessed with our twins, but us girls are the most blessed by having Ryan in our lives."  Jennifer


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Haverhill, MA

"As an eighth grade history teacher, Christopher is lucky enough to be able to enjoy this summer at home caring for his 6-month-old daughter Ava. I'm a nurse working per-diem so it allows me to pick up extra hours and continue working on my career while Ava is safely home enjoying time with Dad. Christopher has shared 50% of Ava's care since the day she was born and the love she has for her Daddy shows in her smile and laughter every time he enters the room. Christopher spends his day walking Ava and her dog Rockit to the park and swimming in her pool but also takes care of the laundry, food shopping and making dinner for me when I return home from work. He enjoys playing tennis, hiking and skiing and can't wait to teach his daughter. Everyone should have a husband and father like Christopher."  Debbie

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