Hot Dad Alert—Gallery 4

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Hot Dad Alert—Gallery 4

These hot dads make hats, give backrubs, and always want to play after a long day. Check them out!

"Why is Jason a hot dad? Well look at him! All joking aside, Jason is the best a wife could ask for. I had to have a c-section with Hunter. We didn't know what the recovery was really going to be like until after, so Jason stepped right up from the get-go, staying by our sides in the hospital for three days. He spends quality time with Hunter, now 7 months old, and our 11-year-old daughter, Taylor. He gives me a break almost every evening when he comes home from a 12-hour shift, and on his days off he urges me to go have a day to myself. He always helps around the housecleans, changes diapers, does the yard work and fixes whatever needs fixin'. I love him, not only as my husband but as my best friend. Words can't say enough of how grateful I am for this wonderful man."  Janene

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"My husband, John, is the hottest Dad, ever! We recently took a trip to Sicily with our then 15-month-old son, Gino. After 14 hours of travel, one missed flight, lost luggage and the fact that neither of us speak Italian, we found out that we really overestimated the temperature. The clothes we packed were woefully inadequate for the 50-degree weather so we made a quick dash to a local mall. I am only 5-feet tall, so needless to say the track suit I bought was WAY too long…but no problem! Hottie daddy to the rescue. As you can see, he simply cut off the excess and then used it as hats for him and Gino! Two problems solved and an awesome photo!"  Pattie

"Daniel is a terrific father who has a great time with our twenty-month old, but is sensitive to when he may be over-stimulated. Daniel does the vacuuming in our home, and since he works from home, I get to go out whenever our son is napping."  Mimi

"You know this hot dad is dedicated when he'll say, "Sure, one more movie? No problem. Zzzzzzz." I love how Tony takes the time to be with our children individually (we have 3  2 boys and 1 girl). He adores them all, and I adore him for it."  Heather

"From day one in the delivery room, David was the best coach and got me through a difficult delivery. We have been a team ever since, sharing all responsibilities. He has no problem getting up in the middle of the night with Joseph, even when he has to be up early for work. My favorite thing is listening to the two of them laugh hysterically when they are playing together." — Jaclyn

In 2000, my now husband, Daniel, was diagnosed with brain cancer. Who would have thought that 7 years later he would have not only beaten the cancer, but also have THREE children and had thoughts of having more! He is without a doubt the most positive person I have ever met, and he loves his family with everything that he has. He is not famous, he is not a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and he is not in the Guinness Book of World Records. He is a survivor, he is my husband, he is Dan, and he is a Dadno, he is a 'Hot Dad!'"  Melissa

"My husband is hot because he instantly gives me a break when he gets home from work. I am a stay-at-home Mom and I am sometimes frazzled by this time of day. Not only does Ryan do the dishes, but he plays with the children until it is time for bed. He plays silly pirate games with our five-year-old boy and he even plays with dolls with our 23-month-old girl. He really knows how to change it up for each child! He makes sure that their teeth are brushed and that they have had their bath. Last, he sings them their own unique lullaby. I am truly the luckiest Mom out there."  Kristin

"When he's not at work saving lives (he's a paramedic) he's at home making up new words for our daughter's favorite melody, 'La Cucaracha'. Autumn (our daughter) just beams when he enters the room. I guess she learned that from Mommy! My husband is also very hands on, and was right from the get-go. A co-worker of mine once asked, "You leave your daughter with your husband while you're here?" Silly me, I thought "All husbands don't do that?" I won the lottery with this one. He's a uniform-wearing-diaper-changing-guitar-playing-HOT DADDY!!!"  Denise

"Truly, my husband, Joseph, is a hot dad par excellence. He singlehandedly took care of me and our daughter, Mireia, during her first few weeks when I was recuperating from my caesarean section delivery. He is not only our ten-year-old son's avid skiing and hiking mentor, he is also our resident carpenter, Mr. Fix-it, laundry man, pastry chef, car mechanic, music guru, home cleaner and renovator, family activity planner and executor, and patient chauffer. Amidst all these, he is able to engage in a busy law practice and regularly volunteer for a pro bono legal clinic. Yes, he is also my best friend and romantic lover."  Dulce

"His favorite part of the day is when he comes home from work and our kids run up to meet him! He takes them to their favorite concerts and meets us for lunch at the playground. He also loves to take them to the hardware store with him to do projects that they can be involved in. He makes breakfast every weekend for all of us and makes his famous "fruit smoothies." The best thing he has ever saidafter our first son was bornwas, "Why didn't we do this sooner?" I just love him for all the things he does, and it does not hurt that he is easy on the eyes!"  Amanda

"Steve loves hanging out with our 2-year-old son, Chase, just having "guy time." They enjoy playing outside together and playing hockey. Sometimes they go to the local hockey rink and watch the big guys play. Chase can't get enough of Daddy and their hockey time together."  Patty

"My husband is a hot dad because for 13 years he has been a fantastic husband and for the last year, an even better Dad. He is so involved with his son that his son prefers to be held by his Dad over his mother. I wouldn't change that for anything. I don't have a tragic story to tell you about him overcoming extreme circumstances; he's simply beautiful from the inside out. Having a child has put us through times more testing than anything we have encountered thus far. Even on the hardest of days, after staying up all night to console our screaming baby with an ear infection, this man never leaves our side and lets us know every day that we mean the world to him" — Lettie

"Adam is a physician and works a lot10+ hours/day and sometimes weekends. This gives me the wonderful chance to stay at home with our daughter, which is such a gift! Even though he is so tired, every day he comes home and has nothing but 100% devotion to our 10-month-old daughter, Dalya. He immediately picks her up (to her delight!) and plays whatever she wants. He gives to her in so many ways, and it shows with the beautiful bond they have formed." — Nesli

"My husband, Alex, is amazing in every way. He never takes them for granted and spends every moment he has with them. He is an Air Force officer, so his job is very time consuming. Yet he still plans outings for the family, helps with the house, and is very much the adventure seeker for us. We love him and are truly blessed to have such a wonderful man lead our home!"  Amy

"He is so hands-on with our two, very demanding toddlers and basically qualifies as superdad. He works full-time, he cooks, he cleans, he does laundry, he plays with the kids every day, he paints our little princess daughter's nails, and plays pirates and swords with our Captain Hook-obsessed little boy. Our children cannot get enough of him. I am very thankful every day for being blessed with him to share my life and family."  Shannon

"Bob never tires of playing endless games with our son, Emmett. I love watching them crawling around, playing bears (or kitties), or riding their bikes around the neighborhood. And now, with a new baby, he's more than happy to be the first one up on the weekends when the baby cries, changing her and letting me get a little extra sleep!"  Vickie

"Brian is an engineer for Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad. We never know if he's going to be home, or for how long. Despite his long hours, he is always willing to help out when he gets home. Not only is he wonderful with the children, he cooks, cleans, and gives me the most amazing back rubs without expecting one back. He will send video text messages so that he can tell the girls good night and that he loves them."  Jessica

"Clark will dress up in jewels while playing the Disney Princess game, or he will ride bikes with our four-year-old daughter, Emily."  Michelle

"He gives his all to being a parent. He changes diapers, wakes up in the middle of the night for the late night feedings, and never complains. Jason takes his daughter, Abbie, out every Tuesday for dinner just to spend some alone time with her. I love him with all my heart and I know his girls feel the same way."  Randi

"Michael is a hands-on kind of guy, and this has truly carried over into his role as a father. He plays with Charlotte every chance he getstaking her for walks, changing diapers, reading stories, taking warm baths together, and of course lots and lots of cuddling."  Phyllis