Most Inappropriate Halloween Pumpkins Ever

by Sasha Emmons and Lauren Passell

Most Inappropriate Halloween Pumpkins Ever

A just-for-fun round-up of extreme Halloween jack-o-lanterns that are totally tasteless—and totally hilarious.


It’s a Pumpkin!

Birth is such a beautiful, awe-inspiring experience. Except this time.



Carried Away

This Carrie-inspired pumpkin will ensure you never get trick-or-treaters at your house again.




Sure, Halloween can be about body parts, but severed body parts. Not pumpkin boobs and butts.



Pumpkin, and a Nice Glass of Chianti

We hope these people created this Hannibal Lecter mask especially for their pumpkin, because if it’s from their closet, trick-or-treaters should skip this house no matter how big the candy bars are.



Just Born

Where’s Daddy Pumpkin when you need him? Let’s cut that cord!



Knock Out

Violence, even the pumpkin-on-pumpkin variety, is never the answer.



Pumpkin Eat Pumpkin

Pumpkin: It’s what’s for dinner.



Special Delivery

We’re not sure what’s more inappropriate—this TMI jack-o-lantern, or the fact that it appears to be displayed in an office.



No Words

We didn’t even know he was depressed.



Sex Ed

“Mommy, what does ‘live nudes’ mean? And is that girl a fireman?”



Can’t Quite Reach

This one’s hilarious because we’ve been there!



That’s Sick

Looks like this jack-o-lantern was overserved.



Someone Call 911

Help—there’s a pumpkin on a murderous rampage!