Mermaid Costume

by Ellen Goldberg; photo by Squire Fox

Mermaid Costume

Your child will make a splash in this no-sew costume

Use bubble wrap and cupcake liners to create an undersea beauty with shimmering flippers and a shiny tiara.

  • 3 yards bubble wrap
  • 3 yards iridescent wrapping paper
  • Silver cupcake liners
  • 1/2 yard sequined elastic
  • 2 paper plates
  • Plastic headband
  • Blue leotard and tights

1. Cut two 2-foot pieces of bubble wrap and glue iridescent wrapping paper behind them, so color shows through.

2. Before gluing the pieces of bubble wrap together for a dress: Trim pieces along the sides at the top, tapering them to fit snugly around your child's chest. Trim the bottoms of both pieces into a point just below the knees.

3. Glue bubble wrap together at the edges to create a tube dress.

4. Glue edges of cupcake liners to top of dress, as shown. Glue on 2 pieces sequined elastic for straps.

Tail: Cut crescents from two plates; glue on wrapping paper to cover. Glue crescents together to form a tail, then glue to bottom of dress.

Tiara: Glue cupcake liners to headband.