Why Moms Rock: Readers and Celebs on Motherhood

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Why Moms Rock: Readers and Celebs on Motherhood

Bookmark these quotes about being a mom—they're motherhood inspiration!

We are never, ever going to meet someone as awesome as you (unless maybe it's one of us). We asked you to dish about what you love, laugh, and cry about as a mom. Grab the tissues and enjoy a little attention for once.

Why I Rock:

“Even though I have two more hours of work still left after the kids go to bed, I will spend another hour after that making sure their Valentine's Day party favors for school are individually signed and freakin' perfectly packaged. I may be one spilled coffee away from a personal meltdown, but I'll be darned if I let it show!” —LINDSEY GROEPPER

“I am a working mother with difficult hours and two young girls. We recently moved into a new apartment with boring white walls surrounding the eat-in kitchen. We do art projects together and have turned our dining area into quite the gallery! The walls are covered with everything from coloring-book tear-outs and bejeweled cardboard to collages made from catalog photos and canvases covered in hair-dryer-melted crayons. Our sit-down meals together may not be on the most regular basis, but when we have them, I am reminded of our special and creative time together. And despite my hectic schedule, I still make being a good mother my number one priority.” —KARRI-LEIGH MASTRANGELO

I'm a good mom because…

“…of the laughs and the love and the sleepless nights waiting for his fever to break. Because of Cub Scouts and karate and guitar lessons. Because of three cats, a beagle, and a lizard. Because he knows I'll always be there. Because of the rules and the occasional ‘Don't tell your dad.’ Because of a couple hundred cupcakes made during my stint as Room Mom. Because of birthday parties and water balloons and Christmas mornings. Because of Goodnight Moon and Corduroy and Harold's Purple Crayon. Because of Blue's Clues and ball games and car rides. But mostly, I know I'm a good mom because my kid is an awesome human being, and I like to think I had a little bit to do with that.” —JUDY H., via Facebook

“I believe kids need to experience life and learn to navigate challenges on their own. They may get some cuts and bruises along the way, but the lessons will serve them a lifetime. And yes, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't pray to God to give me the wisdom to do the best I can. For as soon as I became a mom, I realized there is no way mere mortals alone can face the wrath of crying babies or hormonal teens. Here's to us moms on the front lines….” —HALEH RABIZADEH RESNICK

Most Bizzare Mommy Moments:

“My 3-year-old son lifted my skirt as I was paying our bill at a family restaurant. Just happened to be wearing thong undies that day! Mortifying!” —Kristen M., via Facebook

“My daughter threw creamy Italian dressing across a restaurant and it landed in a lady's hair! How embarrassing!” —TAMI H., via Facebook

“When my child fell off the toilet and asked me to kiss his butt…while I was on a phone interview.” —SARAH G., via Facebook

I earned my mom stripes by…

“Sitting in a waiting room every week while my oldest attends physical, speech, and occupational therapies. I have listened to screaming babies, grumpy old ladies, and snoring dads. I have used enough hand sanitizer to fill an Olympic-size pool. But I have also watched my son go from crawling to walking, and from barely talking to complete sentences and stories.” —MANDI WELBAUM

I wanted to call my mom and apologize when…

1. “They groan about dinner! Never knew how hard it was to think up a meal every day.” —@SOYOUNGINC

2. “My son swallowed a penny and I realized all the times I must have frightened her.” —AUTUMN H., via Facebook

3. “My kids told me I was too old to have another baby. I'd told my mom the same thing once! (Fortunately, she'd said the same thing to her mom.)” —BECKY QUICK, co-anchor of CNBC's Squawk Box morning show

4. “My son woke up at 4:30 a.m. on Christmas. I always woke my parents up at the crack of dawn on Christmas and they dragged themselves out of bed.” —JESSICA F., via Facebook

My Mommy Superpower is…

“X-ray vision, as in always knowing that his missing shoe is behind a door or under the bed…without looking!” —@KITIARADS

“Staying strong even when you wanna fall apart.” —@OWLSBOUTIQUEFL

“Magical kisses that relieve the pain.” —@MI_CUARTO

The First Time I Truly Felt Like a Mom Was…

1. “When I rolled down my car window to tell the guy next to me to turn it down!” —MONICA B., via Facebook

2. “I poured milk into my coffee from my toddler's sippy cup.” —STEPHANIE R., via Facebook

3. “When I pushed one of the shopping carts with a car in front.” —DENISE F., via Facebook

4. “Packing my oldest's lunch box for his first day of kindergarten.” —MARCELA K.,via Facebook

5. “My stepdaughter asked me in front of her daycare buddies if I was her mommy. So with all of those little eyes on me, I said yes! She fell into my arms and hugged me tight.” —Heather JO H., via Facebook

My Proudest Moment:

“It was a bad morning, so I complimented my emotional 5-year-old on his singing voice. I encouraged him to sing about his favorite bad guys, then things he liked. Soon he was upbeat and positive, eating the oatmeal I had prepared. My first victory. I felt powerful and proud.” —ELIZABETH PAGEL-HOGAN

My Biggest Mom Sacrifice:

“I'm a single parent living in a foreign country. I fell head over heels in love with a man from Belgium. We had two beautiful children together, yet sadly we parted ways. It was hard at first, but I remained in Belgium because I grew up never knowing my father firsthand, and I didn't want the kids to repeat my miserable childhood memory.” SHERIDAN BECKER

I never thought I'd be the type of mom to…

1. “Sometimes pretend I don't see something because I don't always feel like arguing with a toddler.” —@MOMMYOVER BOARD

2. “Use cloth diapers, American Sign Language, and still breastfeed a 19-month-old.” —@MANNING COURTV

3. “Get angry when my child struggles with homework #mypatiencegrows everyday.” —@KATYRUDDRN

4. “Think about buying a cell phone for a 7-year-old little girl.” —@GARUQUI

What motherhood taught me:

“I experienced near loss with three premature babies, and lost a little boy at eighteen weeks' gestation, along with years of fertility treatments. I have been taught the tough way that my children are precious gifts. And how very lucky I am that I have three out of four here with me after all their struggles. They are happy, healthy, and loved. Life is fragile, and is such a gift. They teach me that every single day. And I feel so grateful to have children. Never take it for granted. It's a luxury some never hold in their arms.” TERRALYN W., via Facebook

Celeb Parents on Motherhood:

Now that I carry a diaper bag, I have no idea what to put in my purse to fill it up when I'm alone! I learned to need so little. @HilaryDuff

“I never ever thought I'd be the type of mom who'd be leader of a Cub Scouts den.” —Kate Snow, NBC News

I've decided that the definition of being a mom is your kid throwing up all over you & you don't even notice bc ur so worried about them. @Bethenny (Frankel)

Checking into a hotel with my hubby. 15 hr stay-cation. Gotta do it! 🙂 [5 hours later] Romantic getaway didn't last long 🙁 emotional child emergency at home. Back home already. That's parenting….. @Brooke Burke

U know ur a mom when u can't get Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood song “if u have 2 go potty then stop & go right away”… out of ur head. @TiaMowry