Honest Mother’s Day Cards

by Janelle Hanchett

Honest Mother’s Day Cards

What your kids' Mother's Day cards to you would say if they were really telling the truth

I had a birthday a couple weeks ago. And as I was “oohing” and “aahing” quite genuinely over the lovely cards my kids made me with their sweet messages inside (telling me what an incredibly great mother I am and wishing me a happy day), I couldn’t help but remember my behavior just a couple hours before.

As I recall, it involved me with a dog under my arm, wearing pajamas and screaming at my children something about shoes and breakfast and the toddler potty, which we keep in our living room, for convenience’s sake. I was squealing at them that "they never do what they’re told,” when my oldest kid looked at me and said “Um, mama, we’re doing what daddy told us to do.”

So as I was reading these cards praising my mothering skills, I thought to myself “My Lord, it’s a good things these cards don’t tell the truth.”

And then, because I’m insane, I started wondering what my kids’ cards would say if they told the truth, and then I thought about Mother’s Day, the day honoring mothers of all kinds, and, well, some of us are “that kind,” and if our kids’ cards told the truth…well, we’d get these, maybe.

Please enjoy the sarcasm, the clip art and your Mother’s Day.

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