Mother’s Day Fails: Homemade Gifts Gone Horribly Wrong

by admin

Mother’s Day Fails: Homemade Gifts Gone Horribly Wrong

Few things are more adorable and heartfelt than a homemade Mother's Day present from your little one. But, sometimes DIY gifts can go horribly wrong, resulting in a gift that's just plain hilarious. Here are gifts for mom that no one will ever forget—and not because of their fine craftsmanship.

Second Favorite Parent

Nothing says "I love you" like hearing you're your kid's least favorite parent.

Stating the Obvious

He may not be the most heartfelt child in the world, but he's certainly the most literal.

Love You to the, Um, Moon and Back

If that doesn't put a smile on Mom's face, not sure what will.

Thanks, Mom!

If this isn't a reason to wish Mom a Happy Mother's Day, not sure what is.

Improvisation at Its Finest

It may be thoughtless, but it's certainly creative!

Even the Dog Likes Dad Better

Happy Mother's Day! Even the sleeping dog likes Dad better!

Mom, You're as Smart as…

A pancake! No, a dog!

A Mother's Day Recipe

Just in case you ever wondered how Grandma made her famous watermelon, here you go, Mom!