Gifts to Make Mom’s Life Easy

by Written by Elizabeth Regalia; Produced by Christina Vercelletto

Gifts to Make Mom’s Life Easy
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Cut the hassle with these clever products.


1 of 12 Image Credits: Amoretti Designs

Skirty by Amoretti


Quit worrying about her little panties peeking out of her sundress! Feel safe that she's covered with these bloomers that are not only cute, but essential for summer playground romps.

2 of 12 Image Credits: Avon

Avon Coral Colored Cabachon Stretch Bangle Bracelet


Sick of wasting time in the morning with finicky bracelet clasps? Get a new favorite, minus the fuss, with this bangle that secretly stretches. Great for skinny wrists, too!

3 of 12 Image Credits: Black Berry Storm

Blackberry Storm from Verizon Wireless


The Blackberry Storm's new clickable touch screen responds to your touch just like a keyboard. An enhanced touch interface means easier typing, and no more tiny buttons that are pain to press.

4 of 12 Image Credits: Cleat Skins

Cleatskins Sole


Say goodbye to stripping off stinky cleats and start strapping these on instead. Cleatskins soles turn his cleats to street shoes after soccer practice so you won't miss a beat between errands.

5 of 12 Image Credits: Amazon

Conair Handheld Steamer


For quick wrinkle fixes, who has time to iron? The Conair Handheld Steamer heats and cools quickly and is small enough to tote around.

6 of 12 Image Credits: JJ Cole USA

Tactic Changing Purse


The Tactic changing purse is made for baby, but also for you. The cushy changing pad has a place for your cash or credit cards, an easy to clean canvas, and stylish patterns.

7 of 12 Image Credits: The Container Store

Laundry Box


Store and tote your dirty clothes in the Laundry Box. This bin will sit perfectly in a corner collecting clothes, then just pull the drawstring when it's time to wash.

8 of 12 Image Credits: Clinique

Clinique Quick Blush


In-a-rush blush for rosy cheeks anywhere? Yes, with Clinique's Quick Blush pre-loaded with cheek color right in the cap and a full-sized brush.

9 of 12 Image Credits: Invisibelt



No more tugging on sagging jeans! The Invisibelt gives you the perfect fit without the bulk of an average belt.

10 of 12 Image Credits: Mom Agenda

MomAgenda Kitchen Folio


Keep class lists, schedules, and even takeout menus all in the same place. Organize anything paper in the Kitchen Folio's heavy-duty clear page protectors.

11 of 12 Image Credits: Zakkerz



Instead of stepping on your slacks, now you can temporarily hem pants so they complement any shoe height. Just roll the bottoms to the length you need, and Zakkerz will magnetically keep them there!

12 of 12 Image Credits: Ten One Design

Pogo Stylus


Sweet relief for smartphone frustration—and chipped manicures. Now you can type and dial with this perfect little pointer instead of your less-than-precise fingertips. Plus, it hooks perfectly to your phone.