Need a Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift? Check Out iGrill

by Jeana Lee Tahnk

Need a Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift? Check Out iGrill

The iGrill is a neat BBQ appcessory that uses a complementary free iGrill app to act as a digital thermometer for all your grilling needs. 

There are holidays – like Father’s Day – that we usually associate certain kinds of gifts with – like ties, power tools and BBQ accessories. Not every dad wants something from these categories, but if you do have a grill-loving dad in your life, the iGrill is a great last-minute gift to consider. 

The iGrill is a neat BBQ appcessory that uses a complementary free iGrill app to act as a digital thermometer for all your grilling needs. Using Bluetooth technology, the iGrill device syncs wirelessly with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and lets you keep an eye on the temperature of your meat from up to 200 feet away. 

Using the iGrill and the probes that it comes with, you can cook things in your oven, grill or smoker to your desired temperatures and the iGrill will alert you when the food has been cooked to perfection. Whether you like it rare or well done, the iGrill can set temps for different meats and tastes so that dad’s steak and mom’s chicken can be cooked simultaneously without worrying that one will be too overdone or undercooked. The iGrill keeps an eye on temperatures up to 400°F and can also be used as a standalone timer. 

Rather than the chef standing guard at the grill while everyone else plays in the backyard, the iGrill does the monitoring work on its own and is a great cooking complement to any dad’s grill. 

The iGrill comes in black or white and is available from for $79.95. You can still take advantage of one or two-day shipping to get this in time for Father's Day! The iGrill app is free on iTunes and works on the iPod, iPhone and iPad.





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