Moms’ and Dads’ New Year’s Resolutions

by Editors

Moms’ and Dads’ New Year’s Resolutions

How our readers and editors wish to be better, happier parents in the new year.


Back Away From the Vaccum

“I am going to spend less time cleaning and more time playing! The kids won’t remember if the house was perfectly clean all the time but they will remember having fun with me.” —Jennifer, Big Rock, IL


Dinner for TWO

“The only New Years Resolution I have is to finally have one date night with my husband. We haven’t been alone since Bryce was born, a year ago.” —Jeannette Wills


Just Breathe

“When my son, Ben, who’s 3.5 years old, gets upset, he tells me that he needs to take a deep breath to calm down, and it generally works for him. So, one of my parenting New Year’s resolutions is to take a deep breath before raising my voice or getting upset with him or his little brother. We’ll see how it goes!” —Melanie


Photo Frenzy

“Organize all of my photos into frames and albums. That should take me a year or so to do!” —Cindy, Ontario, Canada


Have a Little Faith

“I want to have more faith in myself as a mom and not worry so much about what other people think of my parenting. All I have to do is take a step back and see what a wonderful young boy we have been blessed with and he didn’t get that way all by himself.” —Brandi, Burleson, TX


Love, Not War

“I’m going to try hugging when I feel like yelling!” —Sarah, Ottsville, PA


Sibling Revelry

“After our little man arrives in March, I worry that our daughter will feel left out. My resolution is to spend quality time with our girl by making fun crafts, taking special outings together and always telling her how much I love her and how lucky I am that she is her brother’s sister.” —Deirdre, New York, NY


Grin and Bear It

“It grinds my gears when I see parents shopping at 11 p.m. with their small children in tow, or aggressively debate breastfeeding, vaccination, circumcision or religion with someone who has already has their own opinion. It drives me crazy, but I am going to try to stop hating and judging stupid parents.” —Karine, Ottawa, Canada


Take It to the Bank

“I’d like to spend less money on unneeded stuff and save it for a vacation with the kids.” —Laura, Natchitoches, LA


Kick Butts

“I am going to quit smoking so I can be here for my children when they are older. I will save the money I spend on cigarettes, and put that in a savings for them to have a car when they are 16!” —Amanda, Choctaw, OK


Rise and Shine

“I am going to get up earlier and finish getting ready before the kids wake up so I can eat breakfast with them every morning. We might not do family dinners as much as I’d like but we can do family breakfasts!” —Sasha


Think Before You Talk

“Count to ten when I’m mad before I speak!” —Lisa, Flemington, NJ


Better Bedtimes

“My resolution is to get my kids in bed earlier, especially on school nights!”—Debbie


One Thing at A Time

“I’m going to be in the moment more, instead of multi-tasking so much.” —Heather, New York, NY


Get Fresh

“I hope to prepare more meals with fresh food and serve less processed stuff.” —Joelle, Denver, CO


Start a Good Habit

“I need to start flossing my kids’ teeth. The dentist keeps reminding me and it’s something I hate to do, so I am not a good role model. I guess that means I’ll have to floss more often too!” —Elisa, Chicago, IL


The Great Outdoors

“Get outside more. My wife and I believe it is impossible for kids to spend too much time experiencing nature.” —Matt, Healdsburg, CA