Oh, Baby! Hilarious Homemade Halloween Costumes for Babies

by admin

Oh, Baby! Hilarious Homemade Halloween Costumes for Babies

Check out these hilarious homemade costumes that will make your baby's first Halloween one to remember.

Snack-Size Popcorn

You can create homemade Halloween costumes inexpensively with items available at any crafts store. Check out this bag of baby popcorn, featured on Simply wrap your baby sling in white fabric and attach red stripes and lettering on the outside using double-sided tape. Hot-glue popcorn onto a white knit baby cap and place it atop Baby's head. (Make sure the glue has completely cooled.)

Baby Biker

After you've finished cracking up over this picture of a biker baby from, create the costume yourself by purchasing a pair of baby blue jeans and a black onesie. Cut off the sleeves of the onesie, or leave them as is. Buy an iron-on Harley-Davidson patch, which you can find at any Harley store or from an online merchant, and apply it to the front of the onesie. After your baby is dressed up, draw a goatee on his face with an eyeliner pencil or stage makeup. Add a tattoo, if you want. Finish the look by wrapping a bandanna around his head.

Charlie Brown

Have a bald baby? This Charlie Brown costume, featured on, will accent your baby's beautiful head perfectly. Start by layering a yellow, short-sleeve shirt over a white, long-sleeve onesie. Cut out a zigzag pattern from black felt and attach it to the yellow shirt using double-sided tape or fabric glue. After Baby is dressed, draw a curl of hair and straight eyebrows using an eyeliner pencil or stage makeup. Then head out to look for The Great Pumpkin.

Lil' Old Lady

If your baby has already started walking, this little-old-lady costume, featured on Twenty Twelve Things, will have everyone in your neighborhood in stitches. Pick out a dress that is two or three sizes larger than your baby's current size to create a longer, fuller look, and couple it with a cute cardigan. Cover your baby's hair with a gray, curly wig, and borrow a small walker (or get a less expensive one on eBay) for her to push around as she trick-or-treats. This will transform your precious baby into a little old lady no one will ever forget.

Cabbage Patch Kid

Remember treating your Cabbage Patch Kid like a real baby when you were little? Now you can treat your real baby like a Cabbage Patch Kid. Attach an iron-on Cabbage Patch applique to the front of a white onesie, and pair it with some baby blue jeans. Cover your baby's hair with a yarn wig, throw on a button-up cardigan, and voilà! A real life Cabbage Patch Kid, like the one shown here from Hello Jack Blog.

Baby Burrito

Newborn babies love to be swaddled, so dress yours in a homemade Halloween costume that also does swaddling duty, like this baby burrito featured on College Humor. Wrap your baby in a tan or beige blanket. Gently tuck cloth or silk vegetables into the top of the blanket. (Look for these in the toy or home decorating section of a department store.) For your baby's safety, keep the veggies clear of her face. Attach more vegetables on a knit baby cap with hot glue, and place the cap on your baby's head after the glue has cooled completely.