Mom Exchange: Our Favorite Fourth of July Tradition

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Mom Exchange: Our Favorite Fourth of July Tradition

Some of our favorite tips from readers

"An ice-cream sundae bar with all the fixings is my family's Fourth of July tradition. We see who can build the best sundae using only vanilla ice cream, red-hot candies, and blue sprinkles. Our favorite part is eating the competition!" — Dede King, Brownsville, PA

"After a busy day at Ocean City, we head to the shore. My husband and I have been watching fireworks from the same beach for fifteen years, and now we share the tradition with our two children." — Regina Surdam, Pittsgrove, NJ

"Our town has a children's parade, where kids ride the bikes and wagons they've decorated with patriotic ribbons, streamers and flags. Then we all take rides on an antique fire truck." — Michelle Weeks, Gordon, GA

"I used to be in the military, and my brother-in-law currently is. So every year, my family makes it a point to come together in honor of the freedom we're protecting. And when my family celebrates, we do it big—at least forty of us go to my aunt's house for some serious partying!" — Michelle Moreno, Austin, TX

"Even though our town is only one mile long and one mile wide, we still have an impressive parade and fireworks display. My family watches the fireworks from our backyard—the view is perfect between our neighbor's trees!" — Marsha Kouf, Watsontown, PA

"My whole family gets together for our annual bocce ball tournament. We've been playing since I was little. It's always boys against girls, or old versus young, and it can last for hours." — Sandy Christy, San Diego

"We celebrate the Fourth on a lake near our home. My entire family motors in on boats—we're talking about a fleet here—and anchors down for a full day of swimming and tubing." — Robin Jones, Pipe Creek, TX