Personalized Jewelry for Moms

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Personalized Jewelry for Moms

These gorgeous necklaces, rings and bracelets celebrate mommyhood with subtle style — not a cheesy "World's Best Mom" charm in sight!

Silhouette Pendant Necklace
The classic cameo gets a fresh, new spin with these sweet silhouettes that have an industrial feel. And you can add as many pendants as you please!

Starting at $89, available at

Vintage Baby Photo Ring
Less in-your-face than a brag book, this photo jewelry shows off your gorgeous kid in glorious black and white (they can convert photos from color if your favorite shot isn’t B&W).

$200, available at

Custom Baby Footprint Stamp Necklace
A baby’s itty-bitty feet won’t stay so tiny forever. Soon they’ll be walking away—to college or down the aisle. Before that happens, make a memento for mom to remember how she helped with every step.

$100, available at

Women’s Rivet Ring
These wear-everyday engraved silver rings look amazing stacked. Grow your collection as your family grows too.

$95 per ring, available at

Adoration Bracelet
This cuff bracelet’s botanical etchings make it perfect for the nature-loving mommy. Personalize on the outside with a name, and then commemorate a birth date with internal engraving.

$185, available at

Mother and Child Necklace
Don’t you wish you could always keep your family close? Well now you can put them right above your heart—in jewelry form, at least. We dig how unique this necklace is and any mom is sure to love the message—after all, she will always be there to hold you up.

Starting at $54, available at

Tag Necklaces by Chris Bolton
We love the industrial-chic look of this dog tag-style necklace, which looks cool layered with other silver necklaces.

$160 in silver, available at

Spoon Endz Necklace
Talk about recycling! We love this clever re-use of a spoon; get them stamped with names, birth dates or initials.

Starting at $24.99, available at

Single Fingerprint Necklace
Looking for something that doesn’t scream “mommy?” This pendant necklace immortalizes your child’s uniqueness with a thumbprint. They’ll send you an impression kit to capture the one-of-a-kind pattern.

$180, available at

Astrology Cuff
Tired of the same, ho-hum zodiac jewelry? Here’s a fun new way to flaunt your sun sign! Oh, and these hand-stamped bracelets were patterned after a Swiss astrology calendar from the 1900s—how cool is that?

$50, available at

Morse Code Bracelet
If you're not a fan of over-the-top, this piece is the perfect way to wear your heart on your wrist discreetly. Plus, it's a funky-chic accent to any outfit.

Starting at $40, available at

Vintage Frames Necklace
Classic picture frames are given a makeover with these rustic pewter charms and accented by a dainty pearl, making this the perfect accessory for the modern mama.

Starting at $47, available at

Silver Name & Date Tag Necklace
Sometimes you can say a lot with a little, like just a name and a date. The white, satin finished silver of these dog tags lends them a modern yet feminine elegance—perfect for the mom who finds beauty in simplicity.

$119, available at

Mommy and Me Initial Necklace
Remember when you used to wear matching necklaces with your BFF? We love the idea of wearing the same piece as your daughter. These chunky letters are inspired by the look of fridge-magnet letters, making them perfect for both Mom and her mini-me.

$74, available at

Family Charm Bracelet
The charm bracelet's a classic mommy gift, but the concept can get played out. Not here: the oxidized patina gives it a tough weathered look, and you can customize the words so they're meaningful for you.

$62, available at

Skinny Tag Necklace
Silver or gold? This tiny, understated ID tag necklace means you don't have to choose, since it goes with everything.

$20, available at