Piggy Costume

by Ellen Goldberg; photo by Frank Heckers

Piggy Costume

A cute, cuddly costume, made with a sweatshirt (and no sewing!)

This costume starts with a sweatshirt two sizes bigger than your child's sizefound at a discount store for about $5 apiece. You'll also need a hot-glue gun and scissors.


1. Cut the sleeves off a pink sweatshirt; fold in and glue raw edges.

2. Turn sweatshirt inside out and glue Poly-Fil or batting to cover inside, front, and back.

3. Turn sweatshirt right side out. Glue on a tail made from a coiled pink pipe cleaner.

4. Hat: Cut two 7-inch-long triangles from one of the cut-off sleeves and glue them (fleece side out) to a pink knit hat for ears.

5. Snout: Cut an empty toilet paper roll to 1 1/2 inches. Cover tube with a glued-on piece of sleeve (fleece side out). Glue two pink ribbons inside tube (to tie snout on head) and a large pink button on front.

6. Add pink tights and a pink turtleneck.