Princess Costume

by the editors of Parenting; photo by Jim Bastardo

Princess Costume

This enchanting costume is all no-sew

Every mom thinks her daughter's a princess—that's what makes this costume a perfect fit! It's absolutely magical how a tablecloth and some tulle can transform your little girl.

You'll need:

  • Pink plastic table skirting*
  • 1 yard white or pink ribbon*
  • 2 yards pink tulle*
  • 2 yards gold rickrack*
  • 1 yard white faux fur*
  • 1/2-yard elastic*
  • Pink or white oaktag*
  • Pink leotard, tights, and ballet slippers

*Available at party-supply stores: It's pleated at the top, with double-sided tape along the back of the pleating. Or use a plastic tablecloth and double-sided tape.

Skirt: Cut a length of table skirting twice as wide as your child's waist. Gather waistband every 3 inches and press tape together to secure. Cover tape along inside of waistband with ribbon, leaving 8 inches on sides to tie skirt closed. Cut pleated top off excess table skirting and attach to skirt's plain hem for a ruffled look.

Top: Fold tulle in half lengthwise. Fold in half crosswise and cut a slit for the neck along the short fold. Attach middle of rickrack to back of leotard neck. Slip tulle over child's head and tie on by crisscrossing rickrack around your child's chest and tying it around waist, as shown.

Fur stole: Lay faux fur over your child's shoulders to determine size needed. Trim excess, then glue raw edges under. Glue loops of elastic on the underside of each end of the stole to slip onto your child's arms.

Cone hat: From oaktag, cut out a 15-inch-tall triangle with a curved bottom as wide as the circumference of your child's head. Twist the triangle into a cone, then glue the edges together to form the hat. Embellish with extra tulle.

Toolbox: You'll need a hot-glue gun, glue sticks, and scissors. All materials available at crafts shops, unless noted.

Safety note: If your child tends to chew on things, use caution with pom-poms and small decorations.