Raining Cats and Dogs Costume

by Ellen Goldberg

Raining Cats and Dogs Costume

Just cut and glue our cat and dog shapes to an umbrella, raincoat and rainboots, and this no-sew costume is ready to wear

For this costume, you'll need:

  • Black poster board
  • 4 sheets black sticky felt (like Presto)
  • White fabric pencil
  • Glue
  • Gray thread
  • Needle
  • Child-size umbrella

1. Cut 8 dog and 8 cat silhouettes, each about 2" or 3" high, out of poster board. Trace shapes onto felt with pencil, and cut out 16 dogs and 16 cats.

2. Glue a piece of thread about 4" or 5" long on each paper cutout; then use them to back corresponding felt silhouettes. Be sure to leave at least a 2" tail at the top.

3. Tie animals to umbrella spokes, alternating between cats and dogs. Glue ends to secure. To dangle animals between spokes, thread tails through needle, poke through umbrella, and knot to secure. Stick remaining 16 felt animals all over umbrella.

4. Create a larger cat or dog silhouette, about 4" high, from felt, and back it with poster board. Secure to top point of umbrella with glue.