Reality Check: Bad Holiday Grub

by admin

Reality Check: Bad Holiday Grub

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and your mother-in-law/aunt/cousin/friend—the one who loves throwing big family parties but can't cook a lick—has invited everyone over. Five ways to avoid her yucky cooking:

1. One word: potluck. It's no secret that her food's gross, so everyone will bend over backward to bring their own spiral hams and string-bean casseroles.

2. Oh, what's the matter, dear—did you say you have the stomach flu? Just nibble—everyone will understand.

3. Rover just loves dry turkey. Discreetly invite the pooch to sit at your feet at the table.

4. Try the long-standing favorite of kids everywhere: Push the food back and forth across the plate so it looks like you're eating, then scoop it into your napkin when nobody's watching.

5. Go aheadchoke it down. It's the holiday, for goodness' sake, and one meal. It won't kill you. At least you hope not…