Reality Check: Holiday Gifts for Baby?

by admin

Reality Check: Holiday Gifts for Baby?

Q. I don't want to spend money on presents for my 4-month-old because he's too young to understand. My sister says I'm being cold. Am I?

A. No—you're being practical. It's true your baby won't know the difference between the wrapping paper and the gift, and there's no need to spend much, particularly since everyone else is likely to bombard him with presents. My husband made the same argument when Mari was 6 months old. I, however, picturing an older Mari looking at photos of her first Christmas, wanted to be able to say something more than, well, Santa didn't bring you anything that year because you were too young to care or remember it.

So we found a happy medium, and Santa brought Mari two meaningful gifts—a beautiful blanket and a sweet ceramic bank shaped like a rabbit. Sure, she hadn't a clue what was happening. But every now and again, she'll cuddle Santa's blanket, pour out the pennies in her bank, and smile when Mommy tells her how happy we were that she was there with us that day.

So go on and get your baby something special. One of these days, you—and he—will be happy you did.