Sandwich Costume

by Mika Tajima; photo by Frank Heckers

Sandwich Costume

A costume so cute (and easy) you'll shriek with delight


1. With big, sharp scissors, cut two 18"-square, 2"-thick foam cushion inserts (buy at a large home store or fabric/trimmings shop) into slices of bread.

2. From about three 12" squares of tan or brown felt, cut 2"-wide strips and, with a hot-glue gun, glue around edges of foam bread slices to make crusts.

3. Cut one 18"-square, 1"-thick foam cushion insert into a big circle and cover with red spray paint. Glue tomato to one slice of bread.

4. Glue a 24" length of mustard-yellow cord or rickrack to tomato so it's visible from side.

5. Glue three pairs green garden gloves to inside edges of the other slice of bread, fingers facing out.

6. From 2.5 yards wide ribbon, cut four 18" lengths for side ties and two 6" lengths for shoulder straps, and glue to "bread". He'll be the yummiest baby on the block!

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