Season’s Creations

by Sara Anderson

Season’s Creations

Snowball Ornament

1. Use a chopstick to pierce a small hole in a 3-inch Styrofoam ball.
2. Fold a 10-inch piece of ribbon in half and glue ends into hole to form a hanging loop.
3. Brush glue all over ball. Dip ball into a plastic bag filled with small white feathers until ball is completely covered. Remove and let dry 5 minutes.

3-D Hanukkah Card

1. Draw and cut out a 2-inch cardboard dreidel, to use as a stencil.
2. Cut out a 9 x 6-inch rectangle of silver paper. Fold in half crosswise to make a card. Cut out a rectangle of white paper about 1/4 inch smaller on all sides; glue the rectangle onto the front of the silver card.
3. Trace the dreidel stencil on the center of card front. Carefully cut out only the right half of the dreidel.
4. Fold the flap back to make a 3-D dreidel. Add a greeting with a colored marker.

Walnut Reindeer Magnet

1. Trace half a walnut shell on a piece of felt and cut out. Glue a small magnet to the middle of felt cutout.
2. Use nontoxic craft glue to attach 2 tiny twigs to walnut shell for antlers, as shown. Let dry 5 minutes.
3. Glue 2 google eyes onto shell for eyes. Glue a small red pom-pom to shell for nose. Let dry.
4. Glue edges of felt to back of walnut shell so that magnet faces inside.

Kwanza Basket

1. Weave 3 pieces of 1/2- to 1-inch-wide ribbon (red, black, and green) through openings in a green plastic strawberry basket, and tie the ends in a bow.
2. Fill basket with raffia or craft "grass."
3. Place a pear or a small gift in basket, to symbolize the harvest.

Photos: Wendell T. Webber