Suspicious about Santa

by admin

Suspicious about Santa

When to fess up that you're the big man in red

Q. My son suspects I'm Santa. Do I fess up?

No one likes to lie to a kid, but if he's really probing you for the truth about St. Nick, chances are he's figured it out on his own already. When he's not satisfied with a "Well, what do you think?" anymore, then he probably wants confirmation of the truth more than a continuation of the fantasy.

Just explain it simply but gently: You (and Dad) fill the stockings and eat the cookies and carrots that he leaves out for the big guy and his reindeer. Then try to divert the focus to some of the other joys of the season, like trimming the tree and baking cookies, or start a new tradition, such as cutting snowflakes from coffee filters to decorate the windows. And don't be surprised if he's a bit disappointed to have found out the real deal—at this in-between age, it may be hard to let go of the magic.