Top 10 Wishes for Mother’s Day: What Moms Really Want

by Kate Kurka

Top 10 Wishes for Mother’s Day: What Moms Really Want

Jewelry, flowers, and chocolates are great, but here’s a list of what moms we polled really want for Mother’s Day. We’ve even included some extra-credit tips for overachievers. Or you could go with one mom’s response, which pretty much sums it up: “I want a Wonder Woman cape, preferably made out of diamonds, along with the statement: ‘You were right about everything, and we’d be lost without you.'”

mother's day wish clean house

Clean House

Mother’s Day Wish #1: Clean House

Being a mom is stressful, and coming home to a clean house, even if it only lasts 10 minutes, is like a little slice of heaven for us. You don’t have to hire a professional to give mom the clean house she deserves. Instead, try buying organization supplies like this bundle from Tidy Living, and tackle the mess around the house.

Mother's Day Wish Lucid Mattress

Lucid Mattress

Mother’s Day Wish #2: Sleep

When you’re a mom, getting a full night’s rest without waking up to an alarm clock or a hungry child in the morning is not only a dream come true, it’s unheard of. Try treating Mom to a full night’s rest on a new mattress. Lucid creates beds for the whole family, but when she wakes up feeling so refreshed she’s not going to want to share.

Extra credit: Pamper her on Mother’s Day by bringing her coffee and her favorite book along with breakfast in bed—you know she’s not going to want to leave the comfort of the covers anyway.

mother's day wish good workout

Really Good Workout

Mother’s Day Wish #3: A Really Good Workout

Working out after baby can help boost confidence, fight postpartum depression, and act as a huge mood booster for any mama out there. But with a baby in tow it can be hard to find time to get in a good workout. Offer to take care of the kids once a week so she can go to Zumba class, or sign her up for an online program like Aaptiv where she can choose bodyweight training, yoga, and even meditation classes. Bonus, Aaptiv even has programs for expecting mothers and low-impact postpartum recovery to make sure she can fit a workout into her crazy schedule.

mother's day wish spa day

Spa Day

4. Spa Day
A massage, mani/pedi or facial are all wonderful gifts to show us how much we're appreciated. Older kids could get creative and set up a home spa with candles, homemade scrubs, etc.
Extra credit: A whole spa day full of pampering.

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mother's day wish day free of mom routine

A Day Free of the “Mom Routine”

Mother’s Day Wish #5: A Day Free from the "Mom Routine"

We love being mamas; we really do. But we would also love a day free from the "mom routine." That means no dishes, laundry, chauffeur duty, dressing little ones, etc. Instead, show moms how much they’re appreciated with a beautifully curated gift box from Give Lovely. Pair this box with a break from all of the little things she does every day and you will win Mother’s Day.

mother's day wish car wash

Car Wash

Mother’s Day Wish #6: Car Wash

A vehicle free from crumbs and clutter is like a commuting oasis. Take a few minutes to clean up the stray chicken nuggets and the sippy cup that rolled under the seat. If you’re going for Partner of the Year award, vacuum up the carpets and wipe down the seats.

Extra credit: You could even get her car detailed at the local dealership or car wash.

mother's day wish subscription box

Subscription Box

Mother’s Day Wish #7: Subscription Box

Give the gift that keeps on giving with a subscription box. Using a service like Crate Joy you can find a subscription box that suits any of the moms in your life. From self-care to Pinterest-inspired DIY boxes, she’ll get excited every month when her box shows up on the doorstep

mother's day wish honey-done list

Honey-Done List

Mother’s Day Wish #8: Turn the Honey-Do into a Honey-Done List

Every time mom walks by that broken _______ (fill in the blank), it drives her crazy. If you complete the Honey-Do List of lingering household projects, you will be one happy man come Father's Day — trust us!

mother's day wish dinner

What’s For Dinner

Mother’s Day Wish #9: What's for Dinner?

Between meal planning, grocery shopping, and actually making dinner there’s a lot of time that goes into making sure your family is fed every night. Take that chore off her plate for a night (or a week) and allow mom to enjoy extra time with the kids.

Extra credit: Try using a meal box kit like Blue Apron to take your menu to the next level.

mother's day wish quality time

Quality Time

Mother’s Day Wish #10: The Best Things in Life Are Free

The gifts we will treasure forever are the homemade cards, handprints, and photo frames from our children that remind us what a blessing it truly is to be a mom. Gather some craft supplies and make cards or these salt dough handprints as a family.