Under the Sea

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Under the Sea

Halloween '05 costume gallery—Under the Sea

Paper plates, pipe cleaners and google eyes are the makings of a cute crustacean.

Lobster Baby costume instructions

Goldfish Girl
Just add paper-plate fins and ribbon trim to a bright sweatshirt for this little swimmer. The crowning touch: Ping-pong balls for underwater eyes!
Goldfish Girl costume instructions

Scouring pads, a soda bottle, and other household stuff give you a deep-sea diver’s duds. Just raid the cabinets and you’ll find what you need.
Scuba-Doo costume instructions

Use bubble wrap and cupcake liners to create an undersea beauty with shimmering flippers and a shiny tiara. No need to sew a stitch! She’ll take to this costume like a fish to water.

Littlest Mermaid Costume instructions