8 Valentine’s Day Movies for Families

by Leonora Desar

8 Valentine’s Day Movies for Families
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Parents and kids alike will fall in love with these sweet family movies of storybook romances and modern classics that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Spend Feb. 14 family time with this selection of kid-friendly films that share stories of romance, relationships and inspiring, unconditional love. Whether you’re a family of true romantics or silly sweethearts, there’s something here for the whole gang.


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Lady and the Tramp


Lady is a well-bred cocker spaniel who falls for Tramp, a charming mutt from the opposite side of the tracks who shows her excitement and adventure. This timeless classic still delights families with its heartwarming love story and famous spaghetti scene more than 60 years after its release. Rated: G

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The Princess Bride


Buttercup thinks that she will never see her beloved Westley again after his ship is captured by the Dread Pirate Roberts. When Westley returns, the couple must conquer an evil prince, a dangerous Fire Swamp and even death before they can finally be reunited. This Valentine’s Day movie for families is one everyone can enjoy. Rated: PG

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Beauty and the Beast


This Valentine’s Day movie is the live-action remake of the 1991 Disney classic, telling the story of an unconventional romance between captive Belle and her seemingly heartless captor, the Beast. This timeless tale is one of changed hearts and unconditional love—a great Valentine’s Day lesson. Rated: PG

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Gnomeo & Juliet


In this animated rendition of Shakespeare’s classic, Gnomeo and Juliet are garden gnomes from feuding clans. The star-crossed duo will charm parents and kids alike with their over-the-top adventures as they fumble toward a happy ending. This is a delightful addition to any Valentine’s Day movie lineup. Rated: G

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The whole family will love this sweet and silly Valentine’s Day movie. Princess Fiona is cursed to be a beauty by day and an ogress by night. When she falls in love with the ogre Shrek, the curse is broken, but Fiona is surprised to find that her true form is not what she had expected. Kids will learn the power of real beauty from this comic parody of classic fairy tales. Rated: PG

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Valentine's Day Movies for Kids


Giselle, a bubbly princess-to-be, is banished to New York City’s Times Square by a wicked queen. Fairy-tale romance gets a modern makeover when Giselle discovers that her true love is not a handsome prince but a jaded divorce lawyer. This unconventional but lovable Valentine’s Day movie for families is a sweet treat. Rated: PG

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Kids will love WALL·E, a curious robot who lives in a distant future where trash covers the globe and people have to live on a giant spaceship. When WALL·E falls for the sophisticated robot EVE, it will be up to the two of them to save the world and bring the human race back to Earth. If you’re looking for a family-friendly adventure tale this Valentine’s Day, this film won’t disappoint. Rated: G

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Pride & Prejudice


Big kids will fall head over heels for Jane Austen’s classic love story brought to the big screen—or family room screen, in this case. Spend Valentine’s Day sharing this timeless tale of love, loyalty and first impressions with this fun film. You may even convince your kids to start reading some classic literature! Rated: PG

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The Princess & the Frog


This modern love story tells the story of Princess Tiana, set against the jazz-filled background of New Orleans. Most kids have heard the old adage that you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince, but this Valentine’s Day movie pick puts a sweet spin on the age-old story. Rated: G

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Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown


No Valentine’s Day family movie round-up would be complete without a shout-out to this holiday-themed Charlie Brown classic! Treat the whole family to the classic Peanuts characters in this Valentine’s Day film packed with nostalgia and sweetness. Rated: G