Weather Gal Costume

by Ellen Goldberg

Weather Gal Costume

Got a budding scientist at home? She'll feel sky-high trick-or-treating as a meteorologist, complete with her own weather balloon!

For this costume, you'll need:

14" x 12" cardboard box
Fabric glue
2 packs 3' foam weather stripping (1½" wide)
1 yd burlap
Extra-large needle
Jute twine
1 bag poly batting
1 yd rope
2 dowels;
36" helium balloon
Lab coat, binoculars, clipboard, toy barometer (optional)

1. Make basket: Fold in top flaps of box, and tape down. Cut bottom flaps off.

2. Glue weather stripping around top edge of box.

3. Cover box with burlap; fold ends over the top and bottom edges of the box; secure with glue. Thread needle with jute twine and use to wrap top edge.

4. Make weight bags: Cut four 6" x 12" pieces of burlap. Layer two together, and glue three edges closed. Let dry. Stuff bags with batting. Tie piece of twine around top, and glue to corners of the rim.

5. Make straps: Position box so widest side is facing you. Make holes at top front and back corners with scissors. From inside, pull piece of rope through each front hole of basket. Knot. Crisscross rope and pull through back holes. Knot each end at desired length.

6. Tie dowels together at top with twine, leaving a tail. Glue bottom of each dowel to each back corner of box. Attach balloon to twine.