White Rabbit Costume

by Ellen Goldberg; photo by Frank Heckers

White Rabbit Costume

This cute costume starts with an oversize sweatshirt—no sewing needed!

Here's an easy rabbit costume you can pull out of your hat. All you need are some simple craft store supplies to make this easy, no-sew Halloween costume.

For the costumes, you'll need:

  • hot glue or fabric glue
  • scissors
  • tape measure

1. Cut sleeves off a white sweatshirt. Turn sweatshirt fleece side out. Line inside with Poly-Fil batting and glue at neck and armholes. Fold in and glue raw edges.

2. Bunch up a piece of white marabou boa and glue to the back bottom center of body for the tail. Glue another piece of boa at the neck for tuft of fur on chest.

3. Hat: Turn one cut-off sleeve fleece-side out and glue closed at one end. For the ears, cut two 7-inch-long triangles from the other sleeve, fleece side out. Glue two teardrop pieces of pink felt on the inside, allowing a 1/4-inch perimeter. Pinch wide ends together and glue to hat.