Witchy Ways

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Witchy Ways

3 ghoulishly great candy containers

These plump candy packages make perfect party treats. Just wrap everybody’s favorite bean in orange tulle, tie off with a green pipe cleaner, and your little guests will be happily nibbling their favors all the way home.

Witchy Ways

How to make this bewitching centerpiece

Paint a paper paint bucket black; let dry.

  • Cut four triangles out of orange paper and glue them to bucket in pairs for eyes. Glue on google eyes.

  • Cut three pieces of white covered wire for whiskers, bend them, and glue to bucket. Cut mouth out of orange paper and glue it on, as shown.

  • Glue two black paper triangles to top of bucket for ears.

  • Twist black and orange pipe cleaners to make a handle; poke two holes in each side of the bucket, near the top. Insert the ends of handle and twist to secure.