by the editors of Parenting; photo by Jim Bastardo


Wizard costume

You won't have to conjure up any complicated sewing abilities to create this number. Your child will cast a cute spell in a costume made from pillowcases!

*2 dark-blue king-size pillowcases
*Metallic ribbon
*Gold wrapping paper
*Plastic jewels
*White oaktag or stiff gold paper
*Thin dowel
Tunic: Cut a 10-inch slit across the bottom seam of one of the pillowcases for a neck hole. Cut 8-inch slits along the 2 longer sides for armholes. Open bottom seam of second pillowcase; cut pillowcase in half crosswise. Glue halves along armholes on first pillowcase to create sleeves. Glue on ribbon, wrapping-paper stars, and plastic jewels, using photo above for inspiration.

Wand: Cut 2 stars out of oaktag and cover with gold wrapping paper (we used two types for contrast); decorate with jewels and glue to the end of the dowel.

Cone hat: See directions for princess hat and cover with gold wrapping paper.

Toolbox: You'll need a hot-glue gun, glue sticks, and scissors. All materials available at crafts shops, unless noted.

Safety note: If your child tends to chew on things, use caution with pom-poms and small decorations.

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